durability tester / tension force / for automotive applications



  • Test type:

    durability, tension force

  • Applications:

    for automotive applications


Seat face and back of the machine to load the module must shape, weight on the horizontal seat with a certain value, the frequency of repeated loading, test bench strength, durability function

1, power drive height can be adjusted to suit different chairs (500-1200 mm);
2, the number of tests: 0 ~ 999999 times can be set arbitrarily
3, test speed adjustable: 0~ 40 /min
4, power driver is adjustable.
5, the seat surface load capacity: 5~200kg.
6, back loading capacity: 5~100kg
7, compressed air requirements: 6 kg/cm2
8, pressure holding time and cycle time can be set: 0 ~ 99S
9, the control mode: PLC programmable controller
10, the power supply: 220 V AC, single phase, power = 200 W

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