Automatic single-point lubricator (electromechanical, battery powered)
TLSD 125, TLSD 250 SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products

SKF TLSD series

Not for sale in USA, France and Germany

The SKF TLSD series is the first choice when a simple and reliable automatic lubricator is required under variable temperatures, or when the application conditions (such as vibration, limited space or hazardous environments) require a remote mounting.

Filled with SKF Lubricants especially developed for bearing applications.
Temperature independent dispense rate.
Maximum discharge pressure of 5 bar over the whole dispensing period.
Dispense rate available in various settings.
Transparent reservoir allows visual inspection.
Red-yellow-green LEDs indicate the lubricators status.
Refill sets include battery pack.
Special product version offering for cold conditions.
Supplied with support flange for enhanced sturdiness.
Suitable for both direct and remote installation.


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