servo-electric bending machine / for tubes / draw / 3-axis
RD30LN Winton Machine Company



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    draw, 3-axis, CNC


Winton Machine’s RD30L CNC tube bender makes use of one of the most compact bend heads in the industry yet at the same time provides for a long nose for bending tight configurations. The long nose (LN) bend head allows for bending of profiles that rotate below the bend tooling itself. In addition to the compact bend head design, the 3 axis servo controlled tube bender is fast and accurate. Controlled by a Windows XP computer, Winton’s RD30L tube bender has a history of standing the production test of time.

To keep programming of new parts down to a minimum, the RD30L tube bender can be linked directly to engineering. Engineering can download a CAD generated STEP file of a bent tube right into the tube bender’s controller. This helps cut down on programming time and programming errors. The controller reads the an industry standard STEP file and extracts the LRA (YBC) bender data. The LRA bender data is then used to control the CNC tube bending machine. It’s that simple.