compression load cell / button type / stainless steel / precision
compression load cell

Rated load: 0.1 t - 200 t

The CC3 is a low profile load cell specifically made to cater different kinds of industrial weighing applications. This load cell is particularly made with stainless ...

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Pavone sistemi
tension/compression force sensor / in-line / precision / strain gauge
tension/compression force sensor

Rated force: 0.5 kN - 1,000 kN

For tension force and compression force Stainless steel Level of protection IP67

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Lorenz Messtechnik
compression load cell / button type / stainless steel / precision
compression load cell
SLC43 series

Rated force: 22 N - 2,200,000 N
Rated load: 5 lb - 500,000 lb

A load cell or force sensor is a device which converts load or force into an electrical signal. A load cell should ...

compression load cell / canister / precision / IP67
compression load cell
C3P series

Rated load: 500 lb - 100,000 lb

C3P1 and C3P2 cells are fabricated with high strength ‘ring’ type elements to provide an output signal of 3 mV/V at rated capacity. Each cell is designed for minimum deflection and 150% safe overload ...

single-point load cell / beam type / steel construction / stainless steel
single-point load cell

Rated load: 10 lb - 200 lb

... and IP67 sealing make this load cell ideal for very harsh environment applications. This load cell is specifically designed for use in corrosive and wet environments ...

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VPG Transducers - Vishay Precision Group
compression load cell / canister / precision / strain gauge
compression load cell

The force transducer works according to the principle of the pressure strength measuring. The force introduction is carried out in the direction of the longitudinal axis. The force ...

compression load cell / beam type / precision / strain gauge
compression load cell

The HSE-HA F10 isometric force transducer is a lower force range, higher resolution version of the F30 isometric force transducer.

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Harvard Apparatus
single-point load cell / beam type / OIML / precision
single-point load cell
AM series

Rated load: 3 kg - 60 kg

... Single point scales whose platform is up to 400mm x 400mm. Baggings machines. Multi-Weight Headers. High Precision Dynamic Weight.

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Ascell Sensor,S.L.
tension/compression load cell / single-point / tension / beam type
tension/compression load cell

Rated load: 2 kg - 80 kg

... with Aluminium alloy material is a rugged and accurate load cell suitable for tension-compression load measurement. This single point load cell offers ...

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MeasureX Pty Ltd
double-ended shear beam load cell / beam type / compact / stainless steel
double-ended shear beam load cell
Safemount series

Rated load: 5,000 kg - 150,000 kg

... expansion.Dummy load cells can also be installed when constructing the silo and they can subsequently be replaced by genuine load cells. This saves costs in the construction ...

radial force force sensor / aluminum / compact / precision
radial force force sensor

Rated force: 125 N - 500 N

For the web tension measurement in machines with limitedinstallation space the force sensor BZL-A offers great constructive advantages due to its particularly slim, compact design.The pillow block web ...

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compression load cell / button type / precision / strain gauge
compression load cell
5 - 250 kN | 1101 series

... is selected from the best load cells and has very low non-linearity, hysteresis, eccentric load sensitivity, and temperature sensitivity. If you need to measure up to 50K pounds of force, ...

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Interface, Inc.
tension/compression load cell / pancake type / 6-axis / temperature-compensated
tension/compression load cell

Description Rigid 6-axis force/torque sensor for precision measuring in all six degrees of freedom Field of application Universally applicable in robotic applications such as haptics, medicine, grinding, testing, ...

compression load cell / tension/compression / tension / pancake type
compression load cell

Rated force: 0.5 kN - 350 kN

Static and dynamic force measurement Measuring 0,5 ... 100kN Characteristic curve deviation < 0,3% FS

precision load cell / compression / press-in / high-sensitivity
precision load cell

Rated force: 25 N
Rated load: 3 kg

tension/compression force transducer / canister / precision / high-precision
tension/compression force transducer

Rated force: 0 N - 2,000 N

• For dynamic measurement of tensile and compression forces • Charge output, no external power required • High sensitivity • Excellent resolution • Reasonable price