Roller mills

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roller grinding mill / centrifugal / ball / concrete
roller grinding mill

... continuous for fine grinding of industrial minerals Features Centrifugal ball mill / Roller mill Plant layout and operation similar to conventional roller mills ...

roller mill / horizontal / for sugar cane
roller mill

... before its combustion into the boiler. It can be installed as a direct mill replacement or as a complete milling tandem. Low energy consumption Provided with only 2 pressure rollers, and no trash plate, ...

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Fives Sugar | Bioenergy
roller mill / horizontal / food
roller mill

The Synthesis Rollermill encloses the quintessence of milling technology and of the knowledge developed by Golfetto Sangati in over 80 years of experience in the sector. All models can be supplied with rolls of 250 or ...

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Golfetto Sangati - Pavan Group
roller mill / horizontal / grain
roller mill
SNR100B / 125B

SNR Rollermill The new Satake SNR Rollermill is the very latest in cereal milling technology. The new features of the SNR are a true step change in machine and process design. Every aspect of milling ...

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Satake ESM
double-roller lump breaker / horizontal / miscellaneous waste
double-roller lump breaker

As your complete source for all bulk material handling needs, we have engineered the LumpMaster® specifically to reduce natural agglomerations which can occur during storage or shipping or to reduce deliberately compacted materials. The ...

single-roller lump breaker / horizontal / miscellaneous waste
single-roller lump breaker

Output: 10 kg/h - 50,000 kg/h

Gericke's Nibbler features comprehensive size reduction functions, used for a wide range of applications such as re-work, de-agglomeration, and lumpy component size reduction. This unit showcases up to a 150-mm standard bulk feed product ...

heavy-duty mill / roller / horizontal / for plastics
heavy-duty mill
GSH series

... of necessary ancillaries such as material transport systems, conveyor feed belts, metal separators, fines separators, nip roller feeds, etc.

double-roller lump breaker / horizontal / for powders
double-roller lump breaker

GEA Nu-Con manufactures lump breakers for dry powder de-agglomeration, reducing scrap product, or compacted, lumpy, and hard friable materials from silos, bags or bulk sacks. The GEA Nu-Con rotary lump breaker ...

roller mill / horizontal / miscellaneous waste / for tires
roller mill
Cracker Mill

Output: 500 kg/h - 2,000 kg/h

The Eldan Cracker Mill is the key machine by powder production in Eldan Powder Systems. The Cracker Mill can be used for powder production of rubber originating from •Car tyres •Truck tyres •OTR tyres •Mining ...

roller mill / horizontal / for rubber / hydraulic
roller mill
ECO Krumbuster®

Output: 3 t/h

The ECO 2000-KB is a cracker mill manufactured by Eco-Green. This machine is capable of increasing the volume production of crumb rubber, and the proportion of fine 60-120 mesh rubber powder. Eco-Green's ECO 2000-KB ...

roller mill / horizontal / grain / for biomass
roller mill

Output: 0 t/h - 45 t/h

Roller Mills HE-Serie The new Roller mills series HE are developed to crush or grind various materials, such as grain, oilseeds, biomass and others with an optimum ...

roller mill / horizontal / wheat
roller mill

double-roller lump breaker / horizontal / for powders / grain
double-roller lump breaker
EC35, EC50, EC70

Rotational speed: 180, 200 rpm
Output: 25 t/h - 50 t/h

... fragmentation of clods. Available in mild steel, stainless steel 304L and 316L Throughput from 1 to 50 m³/h. Our lump breakers are the perfect solution for grinding materials that tend to form lumps. The lump crusher ...

roller mill / horizontal / grain / automatic
roller mill

CPM Wolverine Proctor Flaking Mills have been designed to produce consistently superior flakes—every time. The Wolverine patented rolls are designed with multispiral grooves, ensuring that precise control of roll heat ...

double-roller mill / for plastics / for injection molding / fine cutting
double-roller mill

Output: 150 g/min - 200 g/min

Features ●Very little dust  The cutters do not re-cut sprues and runners in the same place so that the cutters can minimize dust, static electricity, and heat generation. ●Very few miscuts  The cutters have the mechanism to cut the ...

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Harmo Co., Ltd.
roller mill / vertical / for ore / for cement
roller mill
GRMK vertical roller mill

Output: 30 t/h - 250 t/h

... vertical cement mills with productivity of 50-250t/h. The biggest advantage of CHAENG is to have a large casting base and large machining workshops, which greatly shortens the delivery cycle of cement vertical mill. GRMK ...

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Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd
single-roller grinding mill / horizontal / for plastics / for cables
single-roller grinding mill

The SGS mono axle grinders are machines for both low and high production. They can mill materials like: wood, plastic, electric cables etc.

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mill with grater / roller / horizontal / miscellaneous waste
mill with grater
PGS 165

Output: 1,000 kg/h

... manufactured by Alexanderwerk. This grating and shredding machine is designed for inline installation, but can also work as s mobile unit. It has a cylinder diameter of 165 mm, and can produce throughput rates up to 1,000 ...

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double-roller mill / vertical / waste / for slurry
double-roller mill
Taskmaster® TM1600 series

TASKMASTER® TM1600 Inline grinders feature a heavy solids reduction capability and a pressure-rated drop-in flange housing for fast and easy maintenance. These powerful twin-shaft grinders plow through a large volume of rags, sludge, ...

roller mill / vertical / stone / heavy-duty
roller mill

Output: 150 kg/h - 200,000 kg/h

DESCRIPTION The POITTEMILL pendulum roller mill is a vertical mill that works by compressing the material bed. The pendulums mounted on a star wheel are driven by a vertical shaft. Each ...

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roller mill / vertical / for ceramic / grain
roller mill

The MRV vertical roller will is the main component of the Migratech dry milling process for ceramic mixtures. It is a machine offering an exceptional efficiency. Its special construction allows for optimal milling of ...

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roller mill / horizontal / for ore
roller mill

Rotational speed: 40 rpm - 250 rpm

Machines for use with porcelain jars, capacities range from a min. of 1.5 l to a max. of 15 l. Suitable for carrying out grinding tests or simple wet process mixing tests on ceramic glazes and colouring agents, paints and other products. ...

roller mill / vertical / for coal grinding / high-pressure
roller mill

Output: 400 kg/h - 22,000 kg/h

JOYAL High Pressure Mill is an improved type of Raymond mill. The purpose of the this kind mill is to grind non-flammable and non-explosive materials in the fields of building materials, ...

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Shanghai Joyal Machinery Co., Ltd.
double-roller grinding mill / vertical / for biomass / food
double-roller grinding mill

N.Mac® Twin Shaft Grinder: Ideal for Different Applications such as Wastewater, Biomass, Food and Fruit Scraps General Capable of fragmenting large and solid particles, the N.Mac® twin shaft grinder is ideal for different applications ...

roller mill / vertical / for chocolate / stainless steel
roller mill

• FOR 2 BLOCKS OF CHOCOLATE • width 17-40 mm • depth 145-210 mm • height 40-330 mm • MOTOR POWER 90 W • NET WEIGHT MACHINE 30 kg • VOLTAGE 230V 1Ph 50Hz • Speed regulation for ...