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blade mill / vertical / for plastics / compact
blade mill

Output: 110, 80, 50 kg/h

Combining energy saving, a compact footprint and a unique damper cutting chamber for significant noise reduction, ensuring a quiet and efficient operation. Portable device, allowing greater versatility. Eco-design feature: G-Max Series ...

impact mill / vertical / glass / for the pharmaceutical industry
impact mill
A 11 basic

Rotational speed: 28,000 rpm

... basic is an instrument manufatured by IKA company. It is batch mill having 2 unlikely grinding procedures. The impact grinding of non-elastic grinding materials with high-grade stainless steel ...

disc mill / vertical / dry milling / ultrafine
disc mill
UMS Universal Milling Solution

Output: 500 kg/h

... flexibility, taking up the minimum area for the maximum product recovery. Its easily accessible interchangeable grinding media mill from 500 to 15 microns at an adjustable speed up to 500 kg per hour. The UMS is available ...

wet grinding mill / horizontal / for powders / for the pharmaceutical industry
wet grinding mill
DeltaVita® 600

... indirectly product-wetted surfaces are made of stainless steel Optional data recording and formulation management Operator management with password protection for different levels of security Laboratory ...

colloid mill / rotor / vertical / grain
colloid mill
NKM Series

... Colloid mill can be use in various processes such as grinding, homogenising, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing and extraction. Products:  nuts  coconut  seeds  seasoning  cocoa beans, soya beans  meat and fish paste  ...

ball grinding mill / with rods / horizontal / for powders
ball grinding mill

Rotational speed: 14 rpm - 23 rpm
Output: 2 t/h - 250 t/h

Rod mill grinding medium is steel bars. CHAENG rod mill can make discharging size more uniform, and make output higher. Processed material :cement, ore, slag, steel ...

centrifugal pulverizer / vertical / stainless steel
centrifugal pulverizer

... Shearing through centrifugal principle ensures no hammering - High output rates - We develop our range using high grade stainless steel to ensure high durability and efficiency in the end product. - ...

rotor mill / vertical / food / coarse powder
rotor mill
GM series

... compound coating system Bauermeister Gap Mills operate in a wide range of applications for grinding soft to medium-hard materials, such as sugar, pectin etc. up to a hardness of approx. 4-5 Mohs; The mills ...

food mill / coarse powder / for limestone / stainless steel
food mill
UM series

... icing sugar Bauermeister grinding systems operate successfully for a wide range of applications for grinding soft to medium-hard materials up to a hardness of approx. 4-5 Mohs, such as sugar, gypsum, limestone etc. The ...

roller mill / vertical / for chocolate / stainless steel
roller mill

... 230V 1Ph 50Hz • Speed regulation for the blades. • The blades can be replaced separately. • Fully in stainless steel (including the reception tray) • Easy operation. • Hygienic, ...

hydraulic mill / horizontal / for organic waste / waste
hydraulic mill

Output: 3,600 kg/h

... and reverses grinding wheel rotation. This machine includes a product feed hopper. It is fully built in AISI-316 stainless steel and non-rust materials. Fitted either with electric or hydraulic ...

rotor grinding mill / vertical / stainless steel / bench-top
rotor grinding mill

Rotational speed: 8,000 rpm - 16,000 rpm

... grinding small amount of the material for laboratory use and is all in stainless steel construction. Disassembling is easy for complete cleaning. Constructed in stainless steel Easy ...

disc grinding mill / vertical / food / stainless steel
disc grinding mill

... cocoa nibs in particles of size between 200 and 250 microns. The product, once inserted into the hopper, is crushed by stainless steel pins to obtain a “pre-refined” paste. Versatility and ease of use ...

vertical pulverizer / automatic / compact / stainless steel
vertical pulverizer
REX mono

Output: 120 kg/h - 500 kg/h

... manpower. Improved accessibility to all system components, together with a completely new-designed sifter unit made from Stainless Steel, allows quick clean downs and is reducing the change-over times ...

rotor mill / vertical / food / stainless steel
rotor mill

Output: 6,000 kg/h

The mill is designed for milling whole fruit before further processing. Main features: Entirely made of stainless steel. Mounted on pivoting wheels. Rotor pushes fruit through ...

knife mill / horizontal / for ore / stainless steel
knife mill
Taskmaster® TT

... receiving systems. The Taskmaster TT combines Taskmaster inline grinding technology with a tramp collector built into its stainless steel housing. The tramp trap is designed to let rocks, gravel, and ...

knife mill / vertical / food / stainless steel
knife mill

Output: 650 kg/h

Centrifugal mill with replaceable stainless steel screens for adjusting the degree of shredding for pomaceous fruit, stone fruit and berries. Available with frame as option.

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vertical mill / for ore / stainless steel / cryogenic
vertical mill

Rotational speed: 12,000 rpm - 18,000 rpm
Output: 25 kg/h

DESCRIPTION The BLX mill is an evolution of the F00: the main body is made of a machined 316L stainless steel single block, without any wielding, in order to avoid any product retention ...

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ball mill / vertical / for cocoa nibs / food
ball mill

The ball mill refiners consist of a vertical cylinder which house the ball mills, driven by a reel agitator, connected to a gearmotor located in the upper part of the mill. A preliminary ...

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Tecno 3 Srl
food mill / stainless steel
food mill

Rotational speed: 1,600 rpm

... vegetable purées, liquid pastries and sauces, etc. directly in cooking containers. Liquidiser is mounted on a mobile stainless steel trolley and is height adjustable on installation. Turbine ...

pin mill / vertical / miscellaneous waste / for the pharmaceutical industry
pin mill

Rotational speed: 0 rpm - 9,000 rpm

The Micro Mill is built on a bench mounting stand of solid construction with a stainless steel column and counterweight for easy lifting and lowering. The powerful motor maintains its ...

hammer mill / vertical / for powders / compact
hammer mill

Output: 1,500, 2,300, 3,200 kg/h

... /FDA compliant designs - Use as sieve mills (cone mills), hammer mills, oscillating sieve mills - Various throughput depending upon the product and particle size - ...

roller grinding mill / vertical / for chocolate / almond
roller grinding mill
RF 2

... chocolate. • Painted steel structure • Gears in oil bath • Porphyry rollers, adjusted • Adjustable opening rollers through knob on the side of the machine • Hopper and collecting bowl are manufactured in stainless ...

sugar mill / stainless steel
sugar mill
MZ 30 I, MZ 100 I

Output: 30, 100 kg/h

Sugar-mill to grind the sugar into icing sugar. Structure , covers and feeding hopper in stainless steel material. Capacity up to 30kg/h abt or 100kg/h abt depending on the model.

horizontal mill / food / stainless steel
horizontal mill

... and close simply by adjusting the handwheels on the sides. It is equipped with an hopper of considerable capacity in stainless steel as well as the collecting bowl. The working process consists of pressing ...