type 3 surge arrester / wall-mount / for radiofrequency applications / telecommunications
type 3 surge arrester

... Honeywell surveillance systems, the HCSP1 Surge Protector is a necessary component to any fixed camera system providing continuous critical data. Power surges are sudden increases in ...

compact surge protector / coaxial BNC / plug-in / DC
compact surge protector

Current: 10,000 A
Voltage: 12 V

The CCTv12 is constructed to provide the protection of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) or security cameras. It is equipped with television display scrren, video recording system and security cameras. It is designed in compliance with the CE ...

low-voltage surge protector / 2-pole / single-pole / 3-pole
low-voltage surge protector

Current: 5,000 A - 100,000 A

Surge protections are manufactoring for protect the electrical machines which are faced with high voltage due to lightning. It provides full protection with opportunity of assemblying to main panels which are very high, ...

type 2 surge arrester / DIN rail / for signal transmission / telecommunications
type 2 surge arrester

Current: 50,000 A
Voltage: 230 V

Surge protection devices for voltage and signal interference protect electrical and electronic systems against high-power overvoltage caused, for example, by lightning strikes. Versions designed specifically for photovoltaic ...

electronic equipment surge protector / AC / 2-pole / low-voltage
electronic equipment surge protector

Current: 40, 32, 25, 63, 50 A
Voltage: 380, 220 V

... available. Over voltage protective devices for TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S, TT and IT power system and plants are subdivided into Classes A,B,C and D depending on their application area, accordingly to DIN VDE 0675-6(11.89). Compex ...

type 2 surge arrester / three-phase / for transient current protection
type 2 surge arrester
Vigivolt DUO 2.0

Current: 1,500 A
Voltage: 0 V - 2,000 V

... overvoltage protection device, caused by permanent voltage increases in three-phase systems. It also protects against transient surges caused by lightning strikes or network switching. General Un nominal voltage: 240VAC Frequency ...

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Toscano Linea Electronica
surge protector
surge protector
Strikesorb 80

Voltage: 120 V - 600 V

... protection from damaging lightning strikes and surge currents. The robust Strikesorb surge suppressor is designed to absorb and dissipate the excess energy of repetitive lightning strikes ...

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type 1 surge arrester / with quarter-wave shorting stub / in-line / telecommunications
type 1 surge arrester

Current: 60,000 A

... 960MHz & 1.7GHz-2.2GHz N-female to N-female or male, bi-directional VSWR: 1.05 typical Insertion Loss: 0.05 typical Maximum Surge Protection: 60kA Let-thru: 12v/15µJ PIM: >-150dBc (3rd order) typical Nickel Plated ...

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type 1 surge arrester / single-pole / DIN rail / for lighting
type 1 surge arrester

Current: 25,000 A
Voltage: 350, 275 V

It belongs to the category of IEC / EN / VDE: Class I / Type 1 / B+C. It is an overvoltage surge protective device which has been developed for the purpose of offering protection against partial direct and indirect ...

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type 2 surge arrester / three-phase / compact / multipole
type 2 surge arrester
EP C TNS 275 series

Current: 15,000, 40,000 A
Voltage: 230, 400 V

... with surge voltage valve are single block SPD’s, for different TN - Power Net Systems, usually installed in sub–distribution panels. EP C TN 275(/FM) is a two-pole surge protector for ...

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Leutron GmbH
class IEC 2 surge arrester / AC / in-line / medium-voltage
class IEC 2 surge arrester

Voltage: 11 kV

Transmission , Distribution and Substation 11KV LIGHTING ARRESSTER FOR 11KV TRANSFORMER

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ningbo yinzhou huayuan electric and machine indust
type 3 surge arrester / with quarter-wave shorting stub / in-line / telecommunications
type 3 surge arrester

Completech's Lightning Protector (with quarter wave shorting stub) sports an array of frequency ranges and connector compatibility capabilities. It showcases a 50-ohm impedance rate, a VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) of < 1.2, and ...

type 1 surge arrester / DIN rail
type 1 surge arrester
By7 series

Current: 20,000 A - 80,000 A
Voltage: 500, 600, 800, 1,000 V

The By7 series Surge Protection are designed to protect against lightning surge voltages in photovoltaic power supply networks. These units must be installed in parallel on the DC networks to be protected ...

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type 1 surge arrester / DIN rail
type 1 surge arrester

Product Item : BHP15 Specification : BHP-15 1P 1P+1 1P+N 3P 3P+1 3P+N DIN RAIL TYPE Applied counter Standards IEC61643 IEC61312-1,61643-1,61000-5-6 VED0675,UL14492-2,UL1283,CSA22.2

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Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation
type 1 surge protector / AC / DIN rail
type 1 surge protector

Current: 40,000, 20,000 A
Voltage: 260, 580 V

Ex mark:Ex de ⅡC Gb Intended use:Can be used in zone 1 ,zone 2,zone21,zone22 Ambient temperature use:-40℃≤Ta≤70℃ Voltage protection:max.to 2.6kV max.to 1.5kV Maximum lasting running voltage:580V AC 260V AC Rated discharging current:20kA ...

type 1 surge arrester / single-pole / DIN rail / low-voltage
type 1 surge arrester

Current: 100,000 A
Voltage: 255 V

100kA Multi-Air-Gap Module Lightning current arrester l Class I (B) arrester in accordance with IEC61643-11:2011, UL1449 3rd. l Multi-Air-Gap technology, no leakage current. l Maximum energy ...

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Prosurge Electronics Co.,Ltd
type 1 surge arrester / DIN rail
type 1 surge arrester
FB-50GR 3P+ FB-100G4 NPE

Current: 50,000 A - 100,000 A
Voltage: 255 V

FBC-25M 3P+FBC-100G1.5+NPE surge arrester is suitable for TT and TN-S system. Type 3 for equipment installed within 5 meters from the SPD.

type 1 surge arrester / in-line
type 1 surge arrester
LSP28 series

Voltage: 0 V - 46 V

Features/Benefits: High Power TVS Module (220KW) for Lightning Strike Protection in Composite Frame Aircraft 28V system bus Protection 100% tested to 1600A peak current Surface Mount construction to save on board space ...

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Sensitron Semiconductor
type 1 surge arrester / three-phase / DIN rail
type 1 surge arrester

Current: 40,000 A
Voltage: 0 V - 440 V

Monobloc SPDs 25 kA (ref : 23122) Max. voltage Uc : 440 V AC Max. discharge current Iimp : 25 kA Nominal discharge current In : 40 kA Level of Up protection under In : 2 kV

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type 2 surge arrester / with housing
type 2 surge arrester
ADSx series

Current: 50,000 A - 300,000 A
Voltage: 800 V - 1,500 V

High energy UL 1449 3rd Edition Type 1 and Type 2 SPD designed for Location C main service high energy surge locations. This premium SPD offers protection of 50kA, 100kA, 200kA or 300kA versions, with exclusive Voltage ...

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type 1 surge arrester / in-line / high-voltage / for lighting
type 1 surge arrester
10 - 30 kVA | CLA

Current: 10 A

... series are low-cost surge and lightning arrestors specially designed for airfield lighting application on runways, taxiways or aprons. They meet all international standards, and are efficient in protection against over ...

type 3 surge arrester / plug-in
type 3 surge arrester

Manufacturer’s Identification — Bryant SP52IG Series Description — Industrial grade isolated ground surge suppression duplex receptacle Type — 2-pole, 3-wire; grounding Rating — 15A, 125V

type 1 surge arrester / DIN rail / low-voltage / for signal transmission
type 1 surge arrester
ISOpro T1 + T2

High performance lightning current and overvoltage arresters, to be installed at the start of low-voltage distributions, to prevent overvoltage effects induced during lightning strikes. spD are provided with: -Visual ...

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type 1 surge arrester / with housing / for transient current protection
type 1 surge arrester
FW-SP series

Current: 30,000 A

... OutBack Power FLEXware Surge Protector provides several levels of protection for the essential electrical components of the inverter/charger in the event of an electrical discharge or lightning strike. ...

type 1 surge arrester / hard-wired / panel-mount
type 1 surge arrester

Leviton's Type 1 Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) provide reliable and economical protection against severe transient voltage spikes such as those associated with lightning strikes. The weatherproof enclosures allow for ...