worm gear reducer / orthogonal / conveyor
CFA 700 series



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The CFA700 Series is the newest addition to the 700 Series family of products specially designed and manufactured for material handling conveyors. This patent pending technology makes it simple to mount the speed reducer directly to the conveyor frame using a uniquely designed integral output shaft flange.
This state of the art OEM friendly product will dramatically increase productivity and decrease maintenance expenditures.
Available in Sizes 718-726
Product Features
Integrated Mounting Flange
- Minimizes the size & weight of the reducer
- Eliminates the need for
Mounted flange bearing
Drive sprockets
Driven sprocket
Roller chain
Chain guard
Reducer mounting bracket
- Less inventory
- Fewer purchased components
- Faster & easier installation
- Faster disassembly
- Eliminates high maintenance components