bevel gear reducer / orthogonal / high-torque / compact
R1000 series



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    compact, for industrial applications, industrial


Our R1000 bevel gear drives feature compact, rugged construction and precision-forged, straight-tooth bevel gears, making them ideal for industrial applications where low-speed/ high-torque drives are required.
Product Features
Straight-tooth bevel gears have teeth that are made from precision-forged alloy steel for maximum strength, as well as case hardened for increased durability.
Input and output shafts are constructed from ground and polished heat-treated alloy steel to further enhance the overall toughness of these drives.
Precision-machined, one-piece, quality cast-iron housings mean less maintenance and greater reliability.
For greater support and rigidity, all shafts are supported by two tapered-roller bearings, while several models offer a straddle design with the gears supported on both sides.
Double-lip, garter-spring-type oil seals are use to retain lubricants and block foreign-matter contamination for extended life.
Flush-type vented-filler plugs with sintered-bronze breather inserts further reduce contamination.
All drives are furnished with keys for projecting shafts to assure quick installation.
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