axial fan / cooling / extraction / drying
TA16 series



  • Configuration:


  • Function:

    cooling, extraction, drying, ventilation

  • Other characteristics:

    air duct, direct-drive, high-performance, foundry, explosion-proof, low-noise, steel, rugged, portable, for tunnels, industrial, dust control, aluminum, horizontal, anti-corrosion, energy-efficient, AC, for chemical applications, long-life, jet, for pneumatic conveying, compact, low-vibration, for underground mining, single-inlet, commercial

  • Air flow:

    4,167 ft³/min, 4,583 ft³/min, 5,000 ft³/min, 5,500 ft³/min (118 m³/min)


The COPPUS® TA16 Fan serves as a solution for various industrial applications. It is integrated with a blade design which increases and expands static pressure through the means of a longer runs of the air duct. The standard ventilation implementation encompasses substantial tunnels, tanks, towers and shipboard compartments and other comparable fields. It is implemented with a thermal overload protection starter. It is encased in a heavy-steel and a powder-coated casing.

It comes in two different versions the Model TA16-5500 and the Model TA16-5000 .