axial fan / cooling / extraction / drying
CADET® VAC / VEP series



  • Configuration:


  • Function:

    cooling, extraction, drying, ventilation

  • Other characteristics:

    low-noise, high-performance, air duct, compact, plastic, AC, rugged, portable, for small rooms, anti-corrosion, energy-efficient, long-life, commercial, for chemical applications, single-inlet, low-vibration, industrial, explosion-proof

  • Air flow:

    804 ft³/min, 867 ft³/min (22.77 m³/min)


COPPUS® CADET Vaneaxial and Centrifugal Ventilator is a compact and economical ventilator that delivers great airflow and pressure. It has a light but durable design because of its non-corrosive injection molded housing that is also fire-resistant. This versatile product is suitable for underground utility and light manufacturing. In addition, it is available in electric and gasoline-driven models. Each one has a glass-filled, polyester resin, spark resistant fan blade. It can accommodate 8-inch flexible duct with an optional detachable duct container. The fans can easily be positioned at a 45 degree, 90 degree or 180 degree angle for optimal efficiency.