long working distance microscope / measuring / opto-digital / portable



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  • Other characteristics:

    digital camera, long working distance, USB, computerized

  • Magnification:

    Max.: 140 unit

    Min.: 10 unit


With the use of the latest, cutting-edge optics, a brand new 5 megapixel sensor and several special features such as Flexible LED Control (FLC) and full aluminum body, the Dino-Lite AM7115MZTL is a marvel of technology and the best choice for the high-demanding professional. The Dino-Lite AM7115MZTL offers superb image quality and color reproduction in a robust, compact and appealing housing.
The AM7115MZTL is part of the Long Working Distance (LWD) range and with its Long Working Distance and magnification range from 10 – 140x, it is suitable for a wide range of applications where extra distance to the object or a larger field of view is required.

The extra working distance and larger field of view make this model an ideal solution for tasks such as repair, rework or assembly or for working with bulky or fragile objects that cannot be touched. Because of the built-in polarization filter this model is ideal when working with shiny or reflective objects such as metal, plastic, glass, jewelry, electronics, etc.

The main features of the AM7115MZTL are:
5 Megapixel Edge sensor, Long Working Distance (LWD) 10-140x magnification, larger Field Of View (FOV) integrated polarizer, aluminum housing, Flexible LED Control (FLC), extensive measurement functions, Calibration, exchangeable front caps and more.