digital clamp meter / AC / DC

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digital clamp meter / AC / DC digital clamp meter / AC / DC - NC14


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    AC, DC


NC14 clamp-on meter measures, calculates and displays the most important electrical parameters of single and three-phase networks. It also has a multimeter function that allows to measure resistance, circuit continuity and diodes.

The innovative design of NC14 increases the operational safety. Thanks to the rotating part (clamp), measurements can be easily performed in confined places where access is difficult. To meet customers’ expectations a uniquely designed lever is placed under the meter which is used for opening and closing the clamp jaws, in order to eliminate the possibility of an electric shock. The meter has a number of features which enhance the comfort of the user.

AC & DC voltage measurement up to 1000 V
AC & DC current measurement in the range of 1000A / 400A
Inrush/peak value measurement
Active, reactive and apparent power measurement
Power measurement in KM
Energy consumption measurement in kWh
Measurement up to 49th harmonics
Phase angle measurement
THD measurement
DF measurement
Crest factor /CF/ measurement
Power factor /PF/ measurement
LPF mode

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