low-voltage disconnect switch / for photovoltaic applications



  • Voltage level:


  • Other characteristics:

    for photovoltaic applications

  • Current:

    Max.: 35 A

    Min.: 25 A

  • VDC:

    Max.: 1,200 V

    Min.: 300 V


Solartec switches are manual
operated multipole load break
switch disconnectors.
They ensure safe on load opening
and closing photovoltaic circuits
on small and medium photovoltaic
According to standards
■ IEC 60947-3
■ EN 60947-3
■ IEC 60364-712
" UNE 20460-7-712
General characteristics
■ Quick and independent
operation mechanism.
■ Contacts in series to optimize
electrical characteristics.
" External series links mounted
from origin.
■ Connection by protected cable
■ Silver alloy contacts.
■ Contact decks made of
selfextinguishing polyester
reinforced with glass fiber.
■ Switch body degree of
protection IP20