compressed air dust extractor / industrial

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compressed air dust extractor / industrial compressed air dust extractor / industrial - GIC


  • Power source:

    compressed air

  • Domain:



Work principle:

The principle is that the spray produces particles to suppress dust in the air to reduce the dust. The particle is fine, the surface tension is basically zero,which can quickly absorb the dust particles in the air when spraying into the air, to control the amount of dust. The water is pressured by high air pressure, enter to the high pressure spray nozzle atomizing equipment through the pipeline, and the water forms the water mist by the atomizing device. The water mist can absorb the fine dust and suspended particles in the air to reduce the dust.

Product introduction

GIC intelligent spray dust suppression system is new type dust suppression system, using a high pressure pump to pressurize water and send it to a high pressure nozzle through a high pressure pipeline to form a floating water mist. Because the water mist particles are of a micron size, it can quickly absorb dust particles of various sizes in the air. Creates fresh air, to achieve dust reduction, humidification and other multiple effects.

Product advantages

1.Working temperature: normal working temperature is 0 ~ 40 ℃.

2.Using PLC and various sensors to achieve high intelligent control, can achieve the targeted dust control, avoid the ineffective work and save the resources.

3.The main computer can connect to the monitor room through bus or local area network to realize remote monitor.

4.Modular design, high integration, convenient installation.

5.Multifunctional water tank with function of multistage filtration, automatic water feeding, automatic sewage draining, water level automatic control, the filtration accuracy can reach 50 micron.