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gas filter / bag / dust gas filter / bag / dust - GMC


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Work principle:
Under the adsorption of the dust removal cover, the dust gas enters the down chamber from the inlet, the dust is blocked by the filter bag, and the purified gas is directly discharged by the fan. The dust accumulates on the surface of the filter bag forming a barrier layer, and the filter bag resistance also increases, resulting in a gradual reduction of the air volume. When the resistance value reaches the set range, the dust collector begins to clean the dust automatically without stop.

Product introduction

GMC pulse bag dust filter adopts integrated structure and pulse cleaning system to realize high efficiency dust purify. The filter bag can also be flexibly selected according to the actual dust situation, with strong applicability. GMC pulse bag filter is a large dust control equipment with large ash removal energy, high dust reduction efficiency, stable and reliable operation and convenient maintenance.Widely used in power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, tobacco and other industries of boiler dust removal, furnace dust removal, waste incineration flue gas dust removal, workshop dust purification and material dust recycling field.

Product advantages

1.The inlet and the outlet are made integrally, which is separated by slanting separator, to avoid the dust directly scouring the bag, reduces the dust concentration of the gas, and prolongs the life of filter bag and pulse valve.

2.High temperature resistant materials are used in the sealing. The filter bag can realize many kinds of film covering to solve the problems of high temperature, adhesion, condensation and so on.