temperature measuring instrument / resistivity / field / water



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    temperature, resistivity, field, water

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The HE-480R industrial resistivity meter features the high-precision temperature compensation function.
Its high-performance temperature compensation makes it ideal for sequential monitoring of ultra-pure water used in manufacturing processes in the semiconductor field, and many other fields, including the areas of electrical goods, foods and medicines. The measurement range is from 0 to 100.0 MΩ・cm.
High-precision temperature compensation
The temperature compensation element used is a platinum resistance thermometer (Pt 1000 Ω).
Freely adjustable standard temperature
You can set the standard temperature for temperature compensation to a value of your choice, allowing it to meet the conditions you require, for processes such as measuring warm deionized water.
We make use of a full range of correction equipment
Sensors are inspected prior to dispatch using correction equipment with ensured traceability. We have also put in place an after-sales support service, including on-site correction, and performing validation, for example by issuing correction certificates.
Uses lead-free solder
To reduce the burden on the environment, lead-free solder has been used to mount the components on the printed circuit board.