multiple-disc clutch / manual / hydraulic



  • Type:


  • Operation:

    manual, hydraulic


» 'BD' series for close couple to diesel engines with SAE style flywheel facility.

» 'BDS' for independent, in-line arrangements, capable of accepting high radial loads and transmitting powers of up to 850 kW as standard. Versions are also available to close couple hydraulic pumps to the clutch output shaft.

» 'RM' version gearboxes are specifically designed for close coupling to industrial diesel engines and are available in either speed increasing or speed reducing format.

Gearboxes can be supplied with output shaft either same or opposite rotation to input shaft. Input to the gearbox can be made either by rigid/flexible coupling or via a 'BD' series clutch.

Type BD clutches have been designed to mount onto any engine with flywheel and bellhousing conforming to SAE dimensions. These clutches consist of an overcentre clutch assembly mounted onto a tapered shaft carried on two bearings.

The pilot bearing is housed in the engine flywheel and the outer bearing serves to support the output shaft and is capable of withstanding radial loads as detailed within this catalogue.

For exceptionally high radial loads models BD290/150R, BD2200R and BD3300R are available with special heavy duty bearings.

Power is transmitted by clutch plates located within a driving ring bolted to the engine flywheel.