planetary gearbox / coaxial / right angle / > 10 kNm

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planetary gearbox planetary gearbox


  • Type:


  • Shaft orientation:

    coaxial, right angle

  • Torque:

    > 10 kNm

  • Performance:

    high-performance, high-torque, high-efficiency, for heavy loads, high-power

  • Other characteristics:

    for machinery, solid-shaft, transmission, hollow-shaft, for marine applications, for heavy-duty applications, for the chemical industry, vertical output shaft, for mining equipment, single-stage, industrial, with flange, for conveyors, three-stage, for agitators, flange, for construction vehicles, for industrial vehicles, for roller mills, custom, rugged, motor, mechanical transmission, for wind turbines, modular, for food industry machinery, four-stage, two-stage, for railway vehicles

  • Power:

    550 kW (747.79 hp)


Complete range of multi-purpose planetary gears. Input can be via electric motor, hydraulic motor, air motor or bare input shaft, be it a splined or parallel keyed input shaft.

jbj Techniques can accommodate gearbox inputs to suit your own bespoke requirements, even for a one off!

Designed for rugged use and dependability. The gear case is made of nodular iron, whilst the planet carriers, are made out of steel or high-tensile nodular iron. All gearing is heat treated with full addendum modification, as well as lead and profile modification in order to obtain the best performance, efficiency, and low-vibration. The close tolerances in all of the gears and floating planet carriers allow the load to be evenly shared by all the components.

Features of the range:
» 32 sizes.
» Output torque up to 1.000,000 Nm.
» Transmissible power up to and above 550 kW.
» Ratios going from 3 to over 3000:1
» High efficiency, up to 98.5% per stage.
» Modular structure.
» Full planetary in-line and combined Gleason-planetary right-angle units available.
» 1 to 4 reduction stages, on request 5 stages.
» Optional spring applied-hydraulically released multi-disc brake.
» Flange, foot and shaft mounting versions, bare shaft output available.
» Output shafts include solid keyed, solid splined, hollow splined or for shrink disc mounting.
» Vast range of accessories for the low speed shaft: drive flange, splined bushing, slew pinion, splined rod, shrink disc, torque arm.
» Broad selection of input adaptors to suit standard electric motors both IEC and NEMA, air and hydraulic motors, male input shafts for mechanical linkages.

Full technical specification catalogue available.