3-way solenoid valve / NC / for gas / compact
LHD series



  • Ports/positions:


  • Function:


  • Medium:

    for gas

  • Body:

    compact, miniature, rugged

  • Other characteristics:

    switching, high-performance

  • Pressure:

    Max.: 45 psi

    Min.: 0 psi

  • Voltage:

    Max.: 24 V

    Min.: 3 V


The LHD Series is part of Lee’s HDI Platform of solenoid valves, which are compact, lightweight, low power control valves with low internal volume.

The LHD Series solenoid valves are easily manifold mounted, making them the perfect solution for applications where a large number of valves must be designed into the smallest space possible. These valves are generally used in oxygen delivery systems, gas analysis equipment, patient monitors, air calibration devices, ventilators, gas chromatography and dialysis machines.

The LHD Series solenoid valves are available in 2-port or 3-port designs, in conventional and Lo-Lohm models, and in several different mounting styles. For part numbers, specifications and links to drawings, select your preferred mounting style and click on the corresponding link below, or in the sidebar on the right.