1-axis inclinometer / CANopen / MEMS / rugged

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1-axis inclinometer / CANopen / MEMS / rugged 1-axis inclinometer / CANopen / MEMS / rugged - OIAC2


  • Number of axes:


  • Output:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Inclination:

    Min.: 0 °

    Max.: 360 °

  • Resolution:

    0.1 °


OIAC3 is a 1D or 2D inclination sensor based on MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology. The device senses tilt angles up to ±60 de-grees in the pitch and roll axis and 360 degrees in a sin-gle-axis measure.
OIAC3 is compact and rugged. The metal anodized en-closure makes it robust to external shocks and vibrations, dust and harsh conditions. The MEMS signals are inter-nally filtered by an analog second order low-pass filter with cut-off frequency of 20Hz (hardware filter) and an user programmable digital filter (moving average). The two filters produce an enhanced noise rejection, increas-ing the measure stability.
The output interface is CAN-OPEN certified, fully com-pliant with DS 301 DSP 410. OIAC3 is programmable via CAN frames without additional tools.
OIAC3-A000-M is highly accurate (+/-0.05°) and can be set in the preferred mode of measurement (1 or 2 axes). OIAC3-1360-M and OIAC3-2060-M are respectively 1-axis and 2-axes inclinometers with medium accuracy (+/-0.2°). Single channel or redundant versions are available.
OIAC3 is guaranteed in the full industrial temperature range [-40;+85]°C. A compensation in the temperature range is available in order to reduce the thermal drift by a factor of 4. Such compensation is available for OIAC3-A000 and it is suggested whenever a higher total accura-cy is required (e.g. concentrated solar power).

Construction equipment
Aerial platforms
Concentrated Solar Power plants
Agricultural and forestry machines
Mining and well drilling equipments

High resolution (up to 0.001 deg)
High accuracy (OIAC3-A000) or medium ac-curacy (OIAC3-1360, OIAC3-2060) models
MTTF = 102 years