scissor lift table / foot-operated / pneumatic / stationary



  • Technology:


  • Operation:

    foot-operated, pneumatic

  • Type:


  • Capacity:

    100 kg (220.5 lb)

  • Lift:

    Max.: 1,190 mm

    Min.: 410 mm


This special table was designed in cooperation with one of UK’s biggest upholstery factory that makes around 250,000 sofas a year. A swivel tabletop with a spring brake system blocks the tabletop after each 90 degrees. The tabletop is made of high quality, water-resistant plywood. The table has a Height Positioning System: when one presses a pedal, the table starts to move, making a 2 seconds pause at a certain point of movement. The height of this pause can be adjusted on a special bar placed under the table. This solution allows upholsterer to work at a comfortable height and eliminates the need of time-consuming adjustments of the height of the table.

Key features:

- This solid construction is based on steel profiles and pneumatic cylinder.
- The pneumatic cylinder is foot-controlled.
- The table has a connection slot for pneumatic tools.
- After turning the table off it blocks automatically (cutting power off does not make the table fold).
- The table can be equipped with a drawer for upholstery tools.
- It has been proven that using our lifting tables decrease the use of energy by 15% in comparison to upholstery trestles.
- An increase in productivity of at least 14% has been observed when employees used our lifting tables instead of regular upholstery trestles.


Model: ST-3/OB
Ciśnienie robocze: 6 bar (87 PSI)
Wymiary blatu: 2000 mm x 1000 mm (78.74" x 39.37")
Cylinder pneumatyczny: D125x360
Wysokość minimalna: 410 mm (16.14")
Wysokość maksymalna: 1190 mm (46.85")
Udźwig maksymalny: 100 kg (220.4 lbs)