column type lift table / foot-operated / pneumatic / stationary



  • Technology:

    column type

  • Operation:

    foot-operated, pneumatic

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with turntable

  • Capacity:

    90 kg (198.4 lb)

  • Lift:

    Max.: 820 mm

    Min.: 500 mm


This table is designed to make furniture gluing easier. The rotating tabletop is covered with stainless steel that can be easily cleaned after the work is finished. Adjustable tubes allow for increasing the size of the tabletop for big pieces of furniture. All pneumatic components of this table are protected with a metal, powder-coated body.

Key features:

- This solid construction is based on steel profiles and pneumatic cylinder.
- The pneumatic cylinder is foot-controlled.
- The table has a connection slot for pneumatic tools.
- After turning the table off it blocks automatically (cutting power off does not make the table fold).
- The table can be equipped with a drawer for upholstery tools.
- It has been proven that using our lifting tables decrease the use of energy by 15% in comparison to upholstery trestles.
- An increase in productivity of at least 14% has been observed when employees used our lifting tables instead of regular upholstery trestles.


Model: ST-4/B
Working pressure: 6 bar (87 PSI)
Tabletop dimensions: 1200 mm x 750 mm (47.24" x 29.52")
Pneumatic cylinder: D125x200
Minimum height: 500 mm (19.68")
Maximum height: 820 mm (32.28")
Maximum load: 90 kg (198.4 lbs)