hydraulic clamp / swing / double-acting / single-acting



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    swing, double-acting, single-acting

  • Clamping force:

    600 N


Mini swing clamps with sturdy swing mechanism

● Minimum dimensions
● Double-acting function
● Sturdy swing mechanism
● Oil supply through drilled channels
● Built-in housing of tube connecting thread available
● Installation as cartridge type by accessory flange
● Simple fixing of clamping arm
● Clamping arm for clamping with minimum deformation available
● Unimpeded loading and unloading of the fixture
● Mounting position: variable
● Standard FKM seals
● Maintenance free

Hydraulic swing clamps are used for clamping of workpieces, when it is essential to keep the clamping area free of straps and clamping components for unrestricted workpiece loading and unloading. Mini swing clamps are particularly suitable for machining of thin-walled workpieces, which require only little clamping forces.
Mini swing clamps are an interesting alternative for pneumatic clamping elements, since they require less space.

threaded-body type
double acting
max. operating pressure 150 bar
max. clamping force: 0.6 kN
rod diameter: 6 mm
piston diameter: 10 mm
clamping stroke: 6 mm
max. flow rate: 6 cm³/s

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