indicator PID controller / Modbus / universal / 2 analog inputs
MultiCon CMC-141



  • Associated function:


  • Input:

    universal, 2 analog inputs, Modbus

  • Mounting:

    panel-mount, DIN rail mounted


The Multicon CMC-141 is a multichannel controller. The device can perform multiple functions such as recording data when the recording function is activated. It comes with a bigger display and more I/O and logic channels than CMC-99. It is very compact in size as its case is only 100mm deep. It integrates with advanced control functions with PID, ON/OFF, time & profiles etc. and logging of set points.

The Multicon CMC-141 can also carry out logging of excitations and current state of controlled objects. It is based on Linux firmware and is easily configurable. It can integrate up to 72 inputs despite its small size. Its large screen makes it easy to read the display and offers stable performance. The device can be configured by the user easily.

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