compact control / with touchscreen / air current / configurable
MultiCon CMC-99



  • Other characteristics:

    compact, with touchscreen, air current, configurable, TFT, hydraulic, modular


The MultiCon series is an ideal solution for the requirements of distributed systems to be working as CPU and is efficiently suitable for both large as well smaller units. It is equipped with advanced controllers and recorders combined with great potential, housed in small casings. The basic function of the series involves advanced applications in industrial automatic control engineering. Additionally, the device is equally efficient with smaller unit.
The provision of three isolated RS-485 interfaces enable the devices to offer perfect solution for distributed systems to work as CPU. The colour touch screen offers the user an interesting environment to operate in while the MultiCon operation as the HMI makes it intuitive and comfortable, on the other hand the constant, stable operations are ensured by the products being LINUX-based.
In addition to the above, the Ethernet interface helps the device to be monitored via the Internet and the wide range of input and output modules allows to customize CMC precisely as per customer specification with the big number of built-in inputs/outputs accessible in one compact unit being an added benefit.

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