compact pump controller / modular / for heating / level and flow measurement
MultiCon CMC-141



  • Other characteristics:

    compact, modular, for heating, level and flow measurement, for air conditioning


The Multicon CMC represent compact-multichannel-controllers. The powerful and versatile device are engineered to record data if the recording function is requested and activated. The new MultiCon CMC?-41 is a big brother of CMC-99 induced with all the features of CMC-99. Additionally it features a bigger display, more inputs/outputs and even more logic channels. It features 100 mm casing depth.

MultiCon CMC-141 is among the first industrial devices which integrates advanced control functions (PID, ON/OFF, time & profiles etc.) and logging of setpoints, excitation and current state of controlled objects. The stable device is based on Linux firmware and coupled with a touch screen makes configuration easy and comfortable and also enables data presentation readable and attractive. Irrespective of the device built in a compact housing, it integrates up to 72 inputs and its construction allows the user almost with free configuration.

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