cylindrical anti-vibration mount / metal / rubber / for compressors
AA series



  • Configuration:


  • Material:

    metal, rubber

  • Applications:

    for compressors, for pumps, for motors, for air conditioning, for blowers, for heavy loads, for marine applications, centrifuge, electronic equipment, for generators, for extreme temperatures, light-duty, for mobile devices, for aeronautical applications, for railway applications

  • Other characteristics:

    threaded, vibration damper

  • Static load:

    Min.: 10 daN

    Max.: 9,000 daN

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 46 mm (1.811 in)

    Max.: 315 mm (12.402 in)


The AA anti-vibration mounts are highly versatile and used for multi-directional isolation of mechanical vibrations, reduction of structural noise and mitigation of small shocks in a variety of applications, including civil HVAC systems, energy generation and the protection of electronic devices on vehicles.

The aluminium alloy external structure makes the AA isolator resistant to accidental overloads (in the event of earthquakes, vehicle accidents or sudden shutdown of rotating machinery) and protects the elastomeric components from direct weather exposure, extending their reliability and service life.

The use of compounds with different degrees of hardness (AS, N and R) allows the load applied to the isolator to be varied while maintaining a similar transmissibility and the same interface geometry.

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