adhesive pump / progressive cavity / industrial / for high-viscosity fluids



  • Media:

    for adhesives

  • Technology:

    progressive cavity

  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    for high-viscosity fluids, metering

  • Pressure:

    10 bar, 30 bar (145.038 psi)


ViscoTec dispenser 3VMP22, as a volumetric dispensing pump for larger volumes, ensures smooth and reliable product supplying of abrasive, high-filled or shear sensitive material - with a repeatability of +/- 1 %!

Absolutely precise, consistent and reliable dosing of a wide variety of materials and pumping of larger volumes. Thanks to the special rotor-stator geometry, a valve to prevent material from automatically flowing out is not required. Alternately opening chambers allow the gentle transfer and pulsation-free dispensing of product.

Your advantages:
- no dripping or stringing of product due to reverse-flow
- linear relation between drive speed and dosing volume
- constant dosing volume, also with density, viscosity and temperature fluctuations
- reliable dosing without heating of material
- driven by servo or AC motor
- easy programming of quantity and speed
- low maintenance, quick dismantling
- self-priming, no (or low) product input pressure required (depends on material)

- dot application, bead application, variable quantities possible
- dosing of all low and high viscosity adhesives and sealants (not anaerobic products)
- particularly suitable for abrasive, high-filled or shear sensitive material
- also used in barrel emptying systems

Technical data:
- dosing volume: ~ 13.5 ml/rev.
- min. dosing quantity: 0.75 ml *
- operating temperature: +10° to +100°C *
- material temperature: -20° to +100°C *
- max. speed: 125 rpm *
- max. permissible torque: 8 Nm
- max. dosing pressure: 30 bar *
- max. supply (input) pressure: 10 bar *
- weight: approx. 8,000 g
* depends on material