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The Honeywell product line of airflow sensors operate on heat transfer - flow and differential pressure, and come in a variety of port styles for flexible application and use. The airflow...

air flow sensor / differential pressure / analog - Zephyr™

Honeywell Zephyr™ Analog Airflow Sensors (HAF Series-High Accuracy)are new analog additions to the series of Honeywell Zephyr™ Digital Airflow Sensors...

air flow sensor / differential pressure / digital - Zephyr™

Honeywell Zephyr™ is a new series of digital airflow sensors, delivering enhanced functionality, in order to meet the performance needs of various applications. These items...

air flow sensor / differential pressure / digital - -500 ... +500 Pa | SDP600 series

The Sensirion SDP600 series represents the first digital, dynamic differential pressure sensor, that is equipped with a digital I²C output, providing highest sensitivity and accuracy measurements even at very low differential pressures of...

air flow sensor / thermal - SCCM, SCFM

This is a thermal-based mass flow sensor that comes with incorporated conditioning as well as temperature compensation...

air flow sensor / differential pressure / analog - -20 - 20 Pa / -100 - 100 Pa | PascalDat

The Pascal Mass Flow Differential Pressure Sensor by Novasina is highly designed with a robust and powerful finish to enable a good quality performance and functionality...

air flow sensor / thermal - ±3m/s, 12 x 10 x 6 mm | 3D-MID

The MID-Thermic Flow Sensor is based around a thermal membrane and well suited for measuring even the smallest pressure differences. This unit is a joint effort by 2E mechatronic,...

air flow sensor / thermal - Evaluation Kit

The 2E-Mechatronic offers this thermic flow sensor evaluation kit that delivers the possibility...

air flow sensor / thermal - Evaluation Kit

Klixon is a world leader in the design and manufacture of air flow sensors. We build devices that are high-quality, dependable, and reasonably priced....

air flow sensor / thermal - Evaluation Kit

Solid State Flow Sensors

Designed to monitor for positive presence of cooling airflow, this velocity sensor operates on 5V DC. The sensor can be mounted on a board, in a socket, or hard-wired to a bracket. The SAF is an AMBIENT COMPENSATED device affording...

air flow sensor / thermal - ø 20 mm | FKM series

In the latest generation of Flow Sensors the ceramic sensor ist no longer out of the housing. If the setting of the sensor should be overridden, the teach-in button allows a comfortable adjustment. LEDs indicate the operating state...

air flow sensor / thermal - ø 20 mm | FKM series

Panasonic's offer different types of versatile pressure and flow sensors that you can choose...

air flow sensor / differential pressure / digital - max. 2.00 kpa | DP-M series

The incredible digital differential pressure sensors features a pressure that...

air flow sensor / thermal - REVEN® RSC series

The RSC Series Energy-Saving Sensor, manufactured by REVEN®,...

air flow sensor / thermal - max. 20 m/s, 0 - 50 °C | SF/C

The SF/C flow / temperature sensor measures the airflow rate from 0-20 m/s and optional the temperature from 0...+50°C of the ambient air. The transducer converts the measured values into...

air flow sensor / differential pressure / analog - 0.2 - 0.99 MPA | ESV-06

Dry-Run Detector ESV-06 detects increases in air volume due toloss of prime or dry running, and automatically shuts down...

air flow sensor / mass / thin-film / thermal - 10 Ω - 1 kΩ | SDT, ST, AFS series

・SMD platinum thin film thermal sensors.

air flow sensor / differential pressure / analog - 11 bit, 5 V | iC-HO

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11 bit analog to digital conversion
Integrated configurable linearization for sensor signal characteristic curve

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