DC/DC power supply / digital
DC/DC power supply
TH62/64 series

... ) ■ Panel function button with backlight display ■ Remote measurement function, compensation for line voltage drop ■ Intelligent fan control, energy saving and noise reduction ■ Output switch control ■ Software monitoring ...

DC/DC power supply / variable-output / rack-mount
DC/DC power supply

Output voltage: 0 kV - 2 kV
Current: 6.5 mA

Treks Model 645 software-driven Electrostatic Chuck Supply offers an array of features that provide significant benefits while accommodating a variety of demanding applications. Documented use shows that customers have ...

DC/DC power supply / variable-output / rack-mount
DC/DC power supply

Output voltage: 0 V - 3,000 V
Current: 6.5 mA

Treks Model 646 software-driven Electrostatic Chuck Supply offers an array of features that provide significant benefits while accommodating a variety of demanding applications. Model 646 incorporates Trek technology ...

DC/DC power supply / single-output / regulated / multiple-output
DC/DC power supply
GPS /SPS / GPC / GPR-M / GPR-H Series

Output voltage: 0 V - 300 V
Current: 0 A - 10 A

AC/DC power supply / DC/DC / single-output / switching
AC/DC power supply

Power: 0 W - 4 W
Input voltage: 9 V - 264 V
Output voltage: 24 V

Power supply units for use with flow and vent captor products requiring 24 VDC supply 8010/8020: for PNP switching sensors or sensors with analogue output signal 8011/8021: ...

DC/DC power supply / dual-output / high-voltage
DC/DC power supply
PS-2 & PS-2/LV

Output voltage: 0 V - 1,250 V
Current: 0.2 A

... Sutter PMT power supplies sold with the Sutter MOM®. They are also available to those who need dual power supplies for either their own scanning microscope or other projects ...

DC/DC power supply / bi-directional / compact
DC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 12 V
Output voltage: 12 V
Current: 0.9 A

... Safe power supply and CANBus isolator. The unit currently carries MSHA and IEC 60079-11 Intrinsic Safety evaluations. The power supply portion can be connected to 12V ...

DC/DC power supply / DIN rail
DC/DC power supply
8895032 series

Power: 6 W - 10 W
Input voltage: 9.2, 36 V
Output voltage: 24, 12 V

Power supplies for extended voltage input ranges Provide your devices with a constant supply voltage Primary/secondary isolation Useful in case of battery use

DC/DC power supply / single-output / electronic equipment
DC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 12 V
Current: 2.1 A

The M12™ Power Source, compatible with all M12™ Battery Packs, features a 2.1 amp powered USB port that charges tablets, smart phones, mp3 players, and other portable electronic devices. This smart-charge port identifies ...

DC/DC power supply / electronic equipment
DC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 24 V
Output voltage: 24 V
Current: 4 A

... protect and backup sensitive electronic equipment. Maintenance and battery free, with a 10 year life span, uninterruptible power supply and an automatic switch-over. IPS20 or IP65 Ingress Protection LED ...

DC/DC power supply / compact
DC/DC power supply
DC Series

Power: 500, 1,500, 1,000, 2,000 W
Input voltage: 85 V - 275 V
Output voltage: 0 V - 1,000 V

These proven DC power supplies are ideally suited for coating processes where reliability & performance are critical. The KJLC DC Series power supplies ...

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Kurt J Lesker
DC/DC power supply / redundant / server
DC/DC power supply

Introduction The Head Station provides power to all modules through its redundant power supply. Type 1A contains a basic web server to inspect the status of the modules and customize ...

DC/DC power supply / single-output
DC/DC power supply

Input voltage: 9 V
Output voltage: 18 V
Current: 2 mA

Single channel battery power supply for accelerometers and piezo velocity transducers, BNC input/output Sensor Supply Current: 2 mA Compliance Voltage: 18 VDC Sensor ...

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Connection Technology Center Inc.
DC/DC power supply / for printed circuit boards / high-voltage / compact
DC/DC power supply
HBL series

Input voltage: 12, 24 V
Output voltage: 1 kV - 8 kV

Features • Drastic miniaturization was realized by use of materials developed on our own method for piezoelectric transformers and by the adopotion of new circuit system which requires no special IC. • Increase in mounting efficiency ...

DC/DC power supply / closed frame / compact / battery charger
DC/DC power supply
HPF24S6, HPF24S8

Input voltage: 9 V - 32 V
Output voltage: 24 V

... compact, cost-effective, 6 amp or 8 amp remote power supplies with integral battery chargers. These adaptable power supplies may be connected to any 12 or 24 volt Fire ...

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