elastic coupling / tire / flange
elastic coupling

Torque: 30 Nm - 51,200 Nm
Rotational speed: 810 rpm - 4,500 rpm

Couplings (tyre couplings, spider couplings, flexible couplings, gear couplings, rigid couplings)

elastic coupling / tire / flange
elastic coupling
FFX series

Torque: 14,675 Nm

The FFX series is manufactured by Challenge PT, and is a shaft coupling with torque output of up to 14675 Nm at 6 pole motors. It has an angular misalignment of up to 4° with wind up shock absorption of up to 12°. The ...

elastic coupling / flange
elastic coupling
P series

Torque: 5 Nm - 20 Nm

Elastic coupling "P" Hubs made in brass and spider in rubber. Suitable for low power.

elastic coupling / transmission / encoder / aluminium
elastic coupling
G series

These flexible encoder coupling are specially made for rotational motion and are vital devices for transmitting rotary motion to the encoder shaft. They are fabricated from aluminum alloy and are constructed ...

elastic coupling / encoder / metal / zero-backlash
elastic coupling
HKS series

Torque: 3 Nm
Rotational speed: 6,000 rpm

... assortment includes single and double universal joint couplings with a variety of hub lengths and bore diameters as well as insulated couplings for assemblies at risk from shaft currents. ...