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paint pump / air-driven / piston / normal priming
paint pump
10C50 Airmix®

Flow rate: 3, 1, 1.5, 0.75 l/min
Pressure: 60 bar

This paint pump is the perfect pump for Airmix® applications by providing exceptional performance. Recommended for one or two Airmix® gun operations. Description - Ideal for Airmix® applications - ...

powder pump / paint / pneumatic / compact
powder pump

The Encore series of 90° Powder Pumps from NORDSON employs 90° configurations, and uses less compressed air which enables more powder transport to the part. This provides a softer spray pattern for more constantly high-quality ...

water pump / chemical / progressive cavity / self-priming
water pump
1000 Series

Our 1000 pumps offer economical, high-efficiency performance with application versatility and maintenance simplicity Description Applications include water & wastewater treatment, pulp ...

chemical pump / electric / self-priming / for the chemical industry
chemical pump

The compact ViscoTec Dispenser 4RD6-EC ensures smooth and reliable product supplying of abrasive, high-filled or shear sensitive material - with a repeatability of +/- 1 %! Absolutely precise, consistent ...

chemical pump / paint / acid / for solvents
chemical pump

Pressure: 10, 30 bar

ViscoTec dispenser 3VMP18, as a volumetric dispensing pump for larger volumes, ensures smooth and reliable product supplying of abrasive, high-filled or shear sensitive material - with a repeatability ...

paint pump / alcohol / for dairy products / oil
paint pump

Flow rate: 0.03 l/min - 66.4 l/min
Pressure: 1 bar - 20 bar

... dosing and filling pump type RD-hygienic for food and cosmetics is a volumetric conveying pump based on the endless piston principle. Suitable for discontinuous or continuous pulsation-free metering of ...

seawater pump / turbine / submersible / vertical
seawater pump

Flow rate: 1000 m³/h - 72000 m³/h

... retrofitting of your existing facilities and supply spare parts with OEM warranty. Pump heads : from 5 metres to 350 metres Flow rates : from 0.4 m3/s to 15 m3/s Our pumps are available ...

slurry pump / electric / impeller / mining and quarrying
slurry pump
TZJ series

Flow rate: 5.3 m³/h - 2900 m³/h
Head: 7.5 m - 105 m

... profile adopts the international advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow velocity ratio theory to get good wear resistance, and high efficiency. High chromium alloy is ...

submersible pump / water / for chemicals / electric
submersible pump

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 900 m³/h
Pressure: max 8.0 bar
Head: max 80.0 m

Submersible pumps made of vinyl ester thermosetting resins, Saturnsub have a high mechanical strength, dimensional stability and an excellent chemical resistance. The electric motor is completely made ...

water pump / chemical / slurry / for lubricants
water pump

Flow rate: 450 m³/h
Pressure: 8 bar
Head: 80 m

... optimised cubic-shape is obtained using pure high-performant thermoplastic polymers. Quantum pumps are the further evolution of ASTRA pumps: It is an environmental safeguard thanks to ...

water pump / for chemicals / electric / centrifugal
water pump

Flow rate: 750, 700 m³/h
Pressure: max 8.0 bar
Head: 90, 130 m

... seal are available so the pump performance is always at its best no matter the liquid pumped. Saturn pumps are in accordance with ANSI / ASME B73.1 regulations. The design and the inherent resistance ...

air pump / electric / diaphragm / for wastewater treatment
air pump
DUO-60, DUO-80

Flow rate: 80, 60 l/min
Pressure: 14700 Pa
Power: 58, 39 W

The DUO series is manufactured by Hiblow® and is a line of small to medium capacity air pumps. This series have PCB and mechanical valve inside, so that DUO can realize wastewater treatment process operation ...

wastewater pump / slurry / for sand / electric
wastewater pump

Flow rate: 300 m³/h
Pressure: 1 bar - 6 bar
Head: 10 m - 60 m

Heavy Duty Centrifugal Slurry Pump with high efficiency Anti-abrasive high chrome alloy pump wear parts For mine de-watering application, solid handling ...

water pump / for hot water / with DC motor / centrifugal
water pump

Flow rate: min 25.0 l/min
Pressure: min 0.3 bar
Head: min 3.0 m

... endurable Flow up to 25L/min Heavy duty work, can sustain continual 24 hours DC brushless motor with long lifetime Automatic polarity protection, overload protection, block protection special design ...

pure water pump / for beverages / for dairy products / electric
pure water pump
LC, LD, LF Series

Flow rate: max 700.0 us gal/min
Pressure: max 12.6 bar

... LC/LD/LF Series pumps are manufactured in compliance with all 3A standards. These pumps are highly efficient because of its minimum internal tolerance levels, offering special product handling, in addition ...

lubricant pump / electric / 3-screw / self-priming
lubricant pump
Series PW (PWO, PWA, PWE)

Flow rate: 10 l/min - 1200 l/min
Pressure: 0 bar - 150 bar

... that has low viscosity and minimal lubricating properties with a minimum oil of 4%. It is designed for machine tools with high pressure cooling systems.

slurry pump / water / chemical / electric
slurry pump

Flow rate: 0 l/s - 8300 l/s
Pressure: 6, 4 bar
Head: 0 m - 10 m

The typical pump for large capacity at low discharge heads (axial impeller). Available welded or solid cast, as required. Axial Flow Pump Applications Vaporisation plants Reactor loops Crystallisation ...

wastewater pump / for chemicals / fuel / electric
wastewater pump
ZUG V - High efficiency IE3 electric pump

Flow rate: 0 l/s
Pressure: 0 bar
Head: 0.5 m - 75 m

Cast iron vortex impeller / Full free passage Soiled biological liquids and non-strained wastewater Suitable for civil pumping stations and lifting wastewaters in livestock farms and industrial plants

water pump / electric / propeller / submersible
water pump
Slimline Flygt

Power: 6 kW - 800 kW

clear water pump / hydraulically-operated / impeller / submersible
clear water pump

Flow rate: 0 us gal/min - 800 us gal/min
Pressure: 0 psi - 2800 psi
Head: 0'00" ft - 85'00"

Open Channel Impeller Pumps combined with Close Internal Clearances to Allow for High Efficiency Clean Water Pumping with some Solids Handling capability.

alcohol pump / for adhesives / acid / for solvents
alcohol pump

Flow rate: 1.28 l/h - 12000 l/h
Pressure: 0 bar - 500 bar

chemical pump / paint / acid / for adhesives
chemical pump

Flow rate: 1.28 l/h - 12000 l/h
Pressure: 15 bar

Pumps of the CHEM - series are preferably used for dosing and metering tasks. Especially in chemistry these pumps are used for pumping and dosing of various media. These pump are ...

water pump / electric / centrifugal / high-efficiency
water pump

Flow rate: 100 us gal/min - 3000 us gal/min
Pressure: 0 psi - 2500 psi

... series is an advanced, re-designed multistage pump that has a proven operating history, a worldwide installed base, and is being used in many growing, changing, complex markets. The TSMP is a axially split BB3 pump ...

water pump / electric / centrifugal / for water treatment
water pump

... Specilly designed outer structure and flange; Characters: 1) Compact structure 2) Attractive design 3) High efficiency, steady performance 4) High flow, medium ...

fuel oil pump / gasoline / oil / electric
fuel oil pump

Flow rate: 2.5 m³/h - 600 m³/h
Head: 30 mm - 330 mm

... bearings to replace the former 35, 50, 60 ones, enhancing the reliability. A high effective energy saving hydraulic model is used for the hydraulic portion, the average efficiency is higher than that ...

water pump / electric / centrifugal / for the food industry
water pump

Flow rate: 22 m³/h - 11600 m³/h
Head: 7 m - 200 m

... single stage double suction split casing centrifugal pump which is connected directly with motor by couplings. It is new series of products after the constructional optimization based on type OMEGA pump. ...

clear water pump / electric / centrifugal / submersible
clear water pump
60 Hz | 6S-253 series

Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 450 m³/h
Head: 0 m - 287.5 m
Power: 0 kW - 185 kW

This high-efficiency, high-output series can be coupled to 8″, 10″ or 12″ motors, depending on the size. A wide range of materials and configurations make this product extremely flexible ...

water pump / electric / centrifugal / semi-submersible
water pump
MK 100 high efficiency vertical multistage pump

Power: 45 kW - 55 kW

The brand new high efficiency MK 100 is provided already with casted circular flanges. The range has been expanded. By maintaining any existing model, now includes in addition: -Models with engine 45 kW (MK100B / 8 ...

water pump / with electric motor / normal priming / high-efficiency
water pump

Flow rate: 10 l/min - 30 l/min
Pressure: 150, 170, 200 bar
Power: 2.2 kW - 11 kW

Electric motors, motor pumps and high pressure pumps take part from the wide range of products made by Mazzoni srl. Made from robust and high-quality materials , electric ...