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2 products Carbolite
Carbolite max. 1530°C  1 L | CDF 15/1b
Dental max. 1530°C 1 L | CDF 15/1b Carbolite

NEW!! Dental Zirconia Sintering Furnace (CDF 15/1b): - Maximum operating temperature : 1530°C - Controller : Eurotherm 3216 controller as...

Carbolite 900 - 1200ºC
Belt conveyor 900 - 1200ºC Carbolite

Mesh belt sintering line: - Continuous mesh belt furnace with de-waxer, water cooling jacket, common...

Borel Switzerland max 1400°C | LE 1100 -1400
Dental max 1400°C | LE 1100 -1400 Borel Switzerland

Definition: medium frequency fusion furnace with rising floor for rapid withdrawing Construction: mechanically welded frame. Insulation:...

1 products Topcast Srl
Topcast Srl max. 1600°C | TSF
max. 1600°C | TSF Topcast Srl

Sintering furnace for ceramics TSFTOPCAST makes furnaces for the sintering of ceramics and metals...

Elevator hearth 1 600 °C, 110 kW AET TECHNOLOGIES

Production equipment for sintering Temperature:...

ECM Technologies max 2 200°C | Turquoise
Vacuum furnace for brazing, sintering max 2 200°C | Turquoise ECM Technologies

Horizontal furnace for high temperature treatment Identical characteristics to those of the CRISTAL furnace, the TURQUOISE horizontal...

ECM Technologies
Vacuum ECM Technologies

Press type furnace...

SOLO Swiss Group
Vacuum furnace for brazing, sintering SOLO Swiss Group

Dewaxing & pre-sintering furnaces (atmosphere furnace with horizontal retort) Technical data Max. working temperature: 1000°C Effective...

1 products ELTI
Belt conveyor EASYBRAZE ELTI

Conveyor belt sintering furnace under controlled atmosphere with...

Koyo Thermos Systems
Belt conveyor Koyo Thermos Systems

The special muffle is...

B.M.I. Fours Industriels 1 250 - 1 450 °C | B5_T series
Vacuum furnace for brazing, sintering 1 250 - 1 450 °C | B5_T series B.M.I. Fours Industriels

The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_T family are designed for the main high-temperature heat treatments that do not require high cooling rates (high pressure of up to a maximum of 2 bars abs can be applied...

Cieffe Forni Industriali
Belt conveyor Cieffe Forni Industriali

Conveyor belt furnaces for sintering One of the main features of these continuous conveyor belt furnaces is the treatment uniformity. The components to be treated are placed in sequence on...

Cieffe Forni Industriali
Roller hearth Cieffe Forni Industriali

Roller hearth furnaces for sintering The roller furnaces are commonly used for high temperature treatments of heavy components in comparison to mesh belt conveyor furnaces, seeing that the...

1 products RAD-CON
Bell type RAD-CON

RAD-CON Inc. specializes in bell-type batch annealing furnaces for the ferrous and non-ferrous, wire and strip...

ceradel industries 1 500 - 1 800 °C
1 500 - 1 800 °C ceradel industries

Broad range of standard furnaces with a chamber volume of 70-2000 l The range of models includes hood furnaces with a fixed or moveable table Also with shuttle table systems (turntable or...

ceradel industries max. 1 280 - 1 400 °C | KK series
max. 1 280 - 1 400 °C | KK series ceradel industries

Combi-furnaces allow debinding and sintering processes to be performed without a change of furnace. For the debinding process in the lower temperature, preheated fresh air is blown in gently through a...

ceradel industries max. 1 800 °C | HTL series
Dental max. 1 800 °C | HTL series ceradel industries

High-temperature chamber furnaces as compact bench-type models in different designs. These furnaces are also suitable for sintering dental...

Püschner GmbH + Co. KG 1 - 2 kW, 2450 MHz | WavePower08-Sin
1 - 2 kW, 2450 MHz | WavePower08-Sin Püschner GmbH + Co. KG

The worldwide trends to 6 sigma quality and the miniaturisation of electronic components stimulate efforts to achieve a better microstructure homogeneity and a reduction of variance in material properties....

Püschner GmbH + Co. KG 1 - 3 kW, 2450 MHz | WavePower18-Sin
1 - 3 kW, 2450 MHz | WavePower18-Sin Püschner GmbH + Co. KG

Chamber Dimensions Microwave Power Total Dimensions...

2 products ALD
ALD max. +1 600 °C | ALD VKP
Vacuum max. +1 600 °C | ALD VKP ALD

ALD Vacuum Technologies has developed and built sintering plants for hard metals, cermets...

Vacuum furnace for brazing, sintering WI ALD

ALD’s WI high-vacuum resistance furnaces are specially designed and built for applications in industry...


DNEPROHYDROMAСH offers conveyor-type sintering machines for sintering iron ore and concentrates while partially removing harmful additives. Our sintering machines reduce production costs, increase...

1 products Pro-Tech
Deck plate Pro-Tech

Deck Plate Pro-Tech supplies quality products to sinter plants throughout the world. Our products...

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