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GE Digital Energy 550 kV, 1000 MVA
Step-up distribution transformer 550 kV, 1000 MVA GE Digital Energy

Our Generator Step Up Transformers are used worldwide to elevate the voltages coming from power generation plants,...

1 products Alstom Grid
Alstom Grid max. 21 kV, 750 MVA | GT
Step-up distribution transformer max. 21 kV, 750 MVA | GT Alstom Grid

As an essential element of all nuclear, thermal or hydraulic power stations, generator transformers are step-up transformers with delta-connected LV windings energized by the generator voltage, while...

CG Power Systems max. 1 000 MVA, max. 800 kV
Step-up distribution transformer max. 1 000 MVA, max. 800 kV CG Power Systems

GENERATOR STEP-UP TRANSFORMERS Product Overview Generator step-up transformers are manufactured by...

LS Industrial Systems
Step-up distribution transformer LS Industrial Systems

Most of the transformers supplied to the Market...

SPX Transformer Solutions 600 - 900 MVA
Step-up distribution transformer 600 - 900 MVA SPX Transformer Solutions

Recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of power transformers in the United States, SPX Waukesha designs, manufactures and tests its transformers at the companys modern operating facilities in...

Smit Transformatoren max. 800 MVA
Step-up distribution transformer max. 800 MVA Smit Transformatoren

In a conventional power plant, thermal or potential energy is converted to mechanical energy, which in turn must be converted to electrical energy. A steam, gas or water turbine is used to drive a rotating...

Sönmez Transformer Company
Step-up distribution transformer Sönmez Transformer Company

2.) Step-up Transformers These are transformers used in booster transfer networks or in central outputs either unloaded or with a load graduality...

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