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SMB actuators are designed and built to provide years of dependable service in a wide range of environments. Introduced in the early 1960s, the SMB is at work for every nuclear power generating facilities and virtually every...

L120 Series multi-turn actuators have a solid record of making valve control easier in a wide variety of demanding applications. Proven performers under the most challenging circumstances, L120 actuators are ideal for valves requiring rotary or linear movement.
With nine unit sizes, L120 electric actuators make it easy...

The JMB Series is the valve actuators based on the highly successful SMB series, equipped with an interlock switch that is capable of cutting off the circuit when operated manually. With a rugged...

HB series of worm gear operators excel in demanding applications, ranging from nuclear power plants to critical service flow control in hydroelectric plants. Whether utilized in manual operation or motorized with L120, or SMB electric actuators, the rugged and dependable HB offers unsurpassed quality and longevity for quarter-turn and multi-turn torque-only...

The JX-05M Series is the compact, lightweight valve actuators developed for the small grove and gate valves. In order for us to meet the demands of our customers, we have put in years of experience...


Standard round ported ball valves have been used, and continue to be used, for many control applications such as services involving moderate pressure drops. Now, with the development...

Output Torque 300 Lb-in (34 Nm) to 18,000 Lb-in (2,034 Nm)
Bray Controls’ years of proven success in electric actuation, combined
with innovative engineering, has produced the Series 70. The Series
70 features on-off or modulating control.
Bray’s Series...

Output Torques to 44,130 Lb-in (4,986 Nm)

Styling, strength, compactness, and simplicity of design have been combined to...

Pneumatic Actuator

Brays engineering excellence and precision manufacturing have produced a modular product line optimized...


Designed specifically for severe duty service, series 1000 actuators can be used in any application where shock and/or vibration may be encountered. Model 1000 actuators have...

Series 1200 actuators are pneumatic piston operators that are available in spring opposed direct and reverse acting models or a springless double...

Series 700
Series 700 actuators are pneumatic diaphragm operators that offer spring return in either direct or reverse acting styles, offering fail-open and fail-closed modes respectively.

The actuators may be fitted with a variety of springs in order to overcome the wide range of forces that may...

The series 800 actuator is capable of giving precise manual throttling control. A travel indicator mounted...


Electric valve actuators
Clorius Controls offers...

• 3-point controlled or analogue actuator
• Low built-in height
• Automatic meshing
• Automatic end stops
• Low noise
• Protection...

• Motor for Clorius valves types L2FM,
M2FM, G2FM, L3FM, M3FM and

Electric valve actuator type CAR is specially
designed to meet the demands
of the powerful low frequency vibration
environments in marine installations.
The main applications are cooling of freshwater,
sea water and...


New electric actuator NE03

The electric actuators of the series NE are approved since some years; witch is completed below by a new model. Specially designed for small valves the actuator provides a torque from about 30Nm. So it is strong...


EH5 Actuator, 10.0 Sec
EH5 Actuator, 10.0 Sec



Pneumatic actuators P/R und P1/R1

The pneumatic multi-spring diaphragm actuators of P/R (pillar actuator) and P1/R1 (cast yoke) are used to control the control valves and other control...


Every actuator needs power: air or hydraulic fluid pressure, electrical, solar, etc. With ATI's products, you will never be restricted by your available power source. We accommodate all power sources. Series EH-44 Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Control System

This control system is designed to be a 50-3,000...

The “Quarter-Turn Hydraulic” valve actuator is ideal for operating valves where utilizing hi-pressure natural gas as a power media presents a safety concern, for instance in a closed environment. The “Quarter-Turn Hydraulic Actuator” is designed to operate with pressures up to 1500...

The “Quarter-Turn Hi-Pressure Direct Gas” valve actuator is designed to operate using direct pipeline gas with pressures...

The “Gas Motor Actuator Control” package utilizes hi-pressure poppet valve technology to provide reliable, maintenance-free control of gas motor actuators. The standard local “auto-manual” control consists of a pop- pet selector valve and two limit...


Port 'A'. Counter clockwise output operation is
achieved by inserting...


SUNGO ZY7000 series valve actuator can be mounted on ZY7000 serial modulating Valve (2-way or triple Valve)....

SUNGO ZY3000 series valve actuator can be mounted on ZY3000 serial modulating Valve (2-way or triple Valve).ZY3000 series actuator has 2 basic types.
1. ZY 3100(3200) reversible motor operation and provide...

Multi-turn Actuator HT10 ~ HT95 are installed on the automation of Globe valves, Gate valves, sluice valves, penstock and some dampers.
HTM10 ~ HTM95 combined with BA bevel gearbox for large torque valves.




Captive Cover Bolt - Prevents loss when cover is removed for adjustments.
Manual Override - Stainless Steel with wrench flats for easy manual operation.
NEMA 4,4X Housing...

VALTORC EL-600 Series Electric Actuator is a proven performer for on/off (open/close) valve and damper control. Combining low cost with an extremely high cycle life, the EL-600 Series Electric Actuator are a truly cost-effective, reliable solution to your simple valve actuation needs.
Easy to install, with...

Due to characteristics of valve, the electric actutor must be able to provide high start up torque with full load whenever the valve is at open, closed or any other position. Valtorc EL-750 series electric actuators are...

Available torques of 177 lb·in (20 N·m) for single actuators, 354 lb·in (40 N·m) for two models, and 531 lb in (60 N·m) for three models mounted in tandem — offer a selection that is most suitable for the application

Standard enclosure IP-67, NEMA 4, 4x
Squirrel cage, totally enclosed motor
Standardized and color-coded wiring
Manual override hand/auto declutch lever, automatic reset when motor is energized


• actuator interface acc. to DIN5211
direct mounting possible
• Direct mounting...


Valve Actuator Series MD
High design flexibility

The consistent modular design of the actuators provides great design freedom. Equipped with additional retrofitted modules...

MF series valve actuator

The MF200Y Kieback&Peter type actuators were designed to meet the safety requirements...

MD15 small actuator and RZ, RWZ zone valves

With the MD15.. small actuator and the RZ, RWZ zone valves, Peter&Kieback offers the innovative basis for...


Industrial electric actuator for butterfly valves type MS-35M

Actuator MS-35M with reinforced torque reduction is designed for control of butterfly valves on warm water pipes in boiler plants or similar.

The actuator can be mounted on many kinds...

Electronic positioning actuator


Electronic actuator with built-in...


Netherlocks Power Wrench

The Netherlocks Power Wrench is a portable valve actuator and has been developed as a must-have tool for opening and closing any type of manual valve within...


The Nordson EFD Backpack™ Valve Actuator is a small, quick acting solenoid that gives a quicker valve reaction time and diminishes the likelihood of varieties in shot size because...


LP linear piston actuators are used as air-flow position controllers. The actuators control the air flow position of regulating dampers, butterfly valves of process regulating devices such as furnaces, boilers and air distribution systems.



The Nordson EFD BackPack™ Valve Actuator is mostly preferred by industrial companies due to its fast response time and reducing variations in shot size due to...

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