horizontal balancing machine / dynamic / electric armature / automatic
max. 3 kg, ø 15 - 80 mm |BMK6 Balance Systems S.r.l



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  • Applications:

    electric armature

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- Fully automatic dynamic balancing machine for high volume production.
- Specifically developed for balancing armatures for electric motors.
- The main application are in the field of electrical motors for household appliances, power tools and the automotive industry.
- It is composed of: a measuring unit, a milling unit for left and right planes and an audit unit. Parts manipulation by four arms rotary cam index.
- It can be inserted in any type of lines (pallet, step, by loop, etc.).
- Operator interface by industrial PC.
- High level of flexibility and quick changeover.
- Full range of options to meet all the customer’s requirements.


- Automatic set-up
- Short cycle time
- High level of flexibility
- High level of repeatability and precision of the unbalance measuring
- Diagnostic and preventive maintenance program
- Quick changeover
- High level of reliability
- User friendly

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