UV curing unit
Beltron GmbH

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UV curing unit UV curing unit


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Beltron's UV Chamber is an instrument used for standard tasks such as curing and gluing, as well as the material testing and radiation for chemical and biological applications.

Various UV emission spectra are possible due to the combination of UV lamps and a UV filter. Safety is ensured by interlocking the door with the shutter during UV exposure. UV intensity is achieved due to a computer-enhanced reflector geometry, which completely equips the chamber with special reflectors. The model also features an operating hours counter and a capacity mode switch.

The UV Chamber has a maximum radiation area of 400 x 300 mm, weighs approximately 36 kg, and requires a power supply of 230V, 50Hz. It also comes with a 850 W (Fe, Hg or Ga) lamp and a filter glass with types WSG, QRZ, SLF.