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Low-voltage disconnect switch
1 000 - 1 500 V | LA series ETI

Switch disconnectors LA
LA is a range of switch disconnectors suitable for making and breaking on load and disconnecting low voltage electrical purposes:
- main switch
- switch for motors
- disconnector
- safety switch

General characteristics
- rated insulation voltage 1000V AC and 1500V DC
- 3 and 4 poles available
- high breaking capacity (AC-22, AC-23, IEC 60947-3)
- high electrical and mechanical endurance
- double break contacts
- self – cleaning contacts
- contact position positively indicated by the handle
- visibility of fixed and moving contacts by means of windows
- independent manual operation
- neutral contract makes earlier and opens later than the phase contacts
- suitable protection to prevent accidental touching of live parts
- casing in self-extinguishing (V0-UL94), low hygroscopic and high mechanical resistance isolating material
- resistant to damp heat (IEC 6068-2)
- wide range of accessories
- rotary front operation by means of: external double insulated handle with door – interlock in ON position, IP65 degree of protection; padlockable with three padlocks in OFF position
- direct handle (padlockable in OFF position on request)


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