Electrically-actuated valves

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electrically-actuated valve / selector / for oil / cast steel
electrically-actuated valve
Maniflow Selector Valve MSV

Temperature: 0 °C - 107 °C
Pressure: 285 psi - 3,705 psi
DN: 2 in - 16 in

The SchuF Maniflow Selector Valves (MSV) - a multiport selector valve type - is used in oil fields and other Oil and Gas applications for the testing and analysis of oil from two or more production wells. ...

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SchuF Group
ball valve / electrically-operated / with trunnions / PVC
ball valve
EATB series

Temperature: 70 °F
Pressure: 250 psi
DN: 0.5 in - 2 in

... unit is an integrated device from EA actuator and TB ball valve. The actuator assembly is designed with 115 VAC setup, while the valve gear is infused with ethylene propylene O-rings. The valve ...

knife gate valve / electrically-operated / shut-off / for chemicals
knife gate valve
150 - 750 mm, CE, ATEX, FDA

... . These nylon seals provide a material seal across the gate and to atmosphere, and this seal can be replaced even when the valve is in service. The Vortex Roller Gate handles powders, granules and pellet, and mechanically ...

ball valve / electrically-operated / control / brass
ball valve

Temperature: -10 °C - 120 °C
Pressure: 25 bar - 40 bar
DN: 10 mm - 80 mm

Full bore FPM shaft “o” ring PTFE ball seats Brass valve BSP threaded Nominal pressure: - 1/4” to 1”1/4 = 40 Bar - 1”1/2 to 4”= 25 Bar Working pressure: see pressure / temperature diagram Temperature = -10°C +120°C

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electrically-operated valve / regulating / for air
electrically-operated valve

Temperature: 0 °C - 60 °C
Pressure: 2.5 bar - 7 bar

The APE Series features an electric control valve designed in an aluminum construction for air pressure control. The small solenoid valve is able to provide compressed ...

ball valve / electrically-actuated / for potable water / with extended stem
ball valve
J3-11xx series

Temperature: -20 °C - 95 °C
Pressure: 40 bar
DN: 0.5 in - 2 in

... -way brass ball valve, has two options of assemblies, one with a WRAS certified valve or one with an efficient pattern valve that we employ to provide sizes outside the 1/2" to 2" extent ...

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piston valve / electrically-actuated / for water / normally closed
piston valve
1.5 - 12", 0.3 - 10 kgf/cm² | BTE, BFE series

Solenoid control valve is a kind of isolation valve, which can substitute traditional gate valves, ball valves and butterfly valves. The gate functioning ...

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Elite Line Industrial Corp.
electrically-operated valve / regulating / for gas / 6-way
electrically-operated valve

The TEFFSA 409 Multi-outlet Safety Control is a flame safety gas control that is designed for applications where more than one burner is to be controlled, such as vent free gas fires. The TEFFSA 409 is a very versatile control with many ...

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Teddington Controls
ball valve / electrically-operated / control / in plastic
ball valve
DN 15 - 50

double union ball valve ; 2-way GRPP, PPH, PVDF, UPVC, CPVC or ABS from 1" to 2" EPDM, FKM or FEP/FFKM o'ring SAFI electic actuator 24V, 48V, 110V, 240V

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butterfly valve / electrically-operated / regulating / for gas
butterfly valve
220 m3/h, 1 bar | MDV series

The modulating control valves of the newly conceived MDV-D1 series are built according to the EN 161 norms to be used on industrial combustion systems. They are particularly suitable for the proportional regulation of ...

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butterfly valve / electrically-actuated / for gas / switching
butterfly valve

Temperature: -15 °C - 60 °C

The MZ servomotor features two push-buttons to save minimum and maximum positions. It also features two push-buttons for the manual adjustment of the position. The DC motor with multi-stage spur gearbox. The 16-bit micro controller performs ...

butterfly valve / electrically-actuated / shut-off / double-offset
butterfly valve
40/41 series

Temperature: -29 °C - 260 °C
Pressure: 285 psi - 1,480 psi
DN: 65 mm - 1,650 mm

Double Offset, High Performance , High Pressure, High Temperature, Zero Leakage Butterfly Valves The Bray/McCannalok high performance butterfly valve's innovative design offers rugged reliability and ...

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Bray International
ball valve / electrically-operated / for water / reducing
ball valve
AKE64 series

Pressure: 30, 40, 65 bar
DN: 6 mm - 50 mm

Automatic brass ball valve with threaded ends Electric actuator L = 12-48 VDC / 15-48 VAC (Low Voltage) H = 85-240 VAC/VDC (High Voltage) 1/4” and 3/8” are 1/2” ball valves ...

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G. Bee GmbH
electrically-operated valve / mixing / for hot water / pump
electrically-operated valve

DN: 15 mm - 300 mm

Control valves with electrical actuator DN15 to DN300 Valves Electrically operated control valves Designed primarily to regulate the flow of water and ...

electrically-operated valve / mixing / for water / threaded
electrically-operated valve

DN: 15 mm - 20 mm

Threaded valves with 500 N actuator DN15 to DN20 Valves: Electrically operated cast bronze valves with female threaded fittings Designed primarily to ...

electrically-operated valve / mixing / for water / threaded
electrically-operated valve

DN: 25 mm - 50 mm

Threaded valves with 1000 N actuator DN25 to DN50 Valves Electrically operated cast bronze valves with female threaded fittings Designed primarily to ...

manual valve / pneumatically-operated / electrically-actuated / welded
manual valve

Temperature: -20 °F - 200 °F

... ports. The 2-Way ‘Y’ Valve is designed to divert product flow in gravity systems from one source into two destinations. The valve has one straight through leg and a second leg to divert product flow ...

ball valve / electrically-operated / for refrigeration circuits / discharge
ball valve
BV series

DN: 0.25 in - 2.625 in

BVE/BVS series is a refrigeration ball valve that is designed to halt the back-up or reverse flow of refrigerant in liquid and compressor discharge lines. This is accomplished by a developed isolation of discharge, suction ...

electrically-operated valve / pneumatically-operated / for pumps
electrically-operated valve

plug valve / electrically-operated / for granulates / transfer
plug valve

... powder, granules and fibrous materials from cyclones, filters, hoppers etc., whilst maintaining an effective gas seal. The valve consists of two flaps connected by counterweights or spring loaded spindles, which are ...

gate valve / electrically-actuated / sampling / shut-off
gate valve

Temperature: 121 °C
Pressure: 303 bar

... Sentry TSV is a self-contained, mechanical device that protects operators, analyzers and sampling components from high temperature liquids. It is an economical and reliable mechanical replacement for ...

EGR valve / electrically-actuated / engine / for automobiles
EGR valve

Driving is awesome. Smog is not. So Delphi EGR valves do more than keep cars running smoothly. They also efficiently re-use exhaust gas and even keep nitrogen from forming in the first place. So more OE precision can ...

butterfly valve / electrically-actuated / regulating / for gas
butterfly valve

Temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C

The Eclipse Packaged Butterfly Valve incorporates an Eclipse Trilogy Series Actuator mounted to a standard Eclipse butterfly valve. The new innovative support provides a robust universal solution with ...

EGR valve / electrically-actuated / flow control / air-fuel ratio control
EGR valve

EGR valves As its name suggests, the exhaust gas recirculation valve – EGR valve for short – recirculates finely metered quantities of exhaust gas to the engine intake system. By simply ...

ball valve / manual / electrically-actuated / for water
ball valve

The DWA water Guard with motor rotary valve was developed especially for use in medical water processing. If the water sensor comes into contact with liquids, the motor rotary valve closes within ...

sampling valve / piston / manual / electrically-actuated
sampling valve
8690-006x series

... Sampling Valves & 22 Port Stream Selector Valves Heated, thermostatted valve oven Standard & custom plumbing configurations Electronically actuated with PeakSimple control ...

electrically-actuated valve / shut-off / for air / galvanized steel
electrically-actuated valve

DN: 100 mm - 400 mm

Shut off Damper electrically actuated DN100 With fast servo motor actuating time about 30 sec.. including 5m connection cable. Article no.: 90-1127-101 DN125 Shut off Damper electrically ...