combustion engine forklift / ride-on / industrial / handling
combustion engine forklift
8FG, 8FD series

Carrying capacity: 1,000 kg - 8,000 kg

Excellent reliability, durability, stability, and operability cultivated by Toyota -the 8 Series has all this, and can enhance efficiency at your worksite.

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Toyota Industrial Equipment
LPG forklift / diesel / ride-on / industrial
LPG forklift

Carrying capacity: 3.5 kg

... engine is either Diesel or LPG and exhibits a unique torque converter or hydrostatic (Tonero HST) transmission function. Forklift offers a maximum lift height of 6 meters and load capacities of 3.5 to 8.0 tonnes. ...

counterbalanced forklift / battery-powered / LGV / industrial
counterbalanced forklift

Carrying capacity: 800, 4,500 kg
Lifting height: 1,000 mm - 3,000 mm

Our counterbalanced truck can handle heavy loads whilst being of reduced dimensions. The best way to manage up to 3 pallets, wherever you want with maximum safety and flexibility between production lines or in warehouses. . Auriga ...

diesel forklift / ride-on / for the construction industry / handling
diesel forklift

Carrying capacity: 1,500 kg
Lifting height: 3,325 mm

Model 15D-7E Engine Model kubota v2203 Rated Power kW/rpm 30.8 / 2,400 Load Capacity kg 1,500 Load Center mm 500 Lifting Height(STD) mm 3,325 Turning Radius mm 2,000 Travel Speed (Unloaded) km/h 19.0

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electric forklift truck / ride-on / industrial / counterbalanced
electric forklift truck

Carrying capacity: 1,000 kg
Lifting height: 35 mm - 2,110 mm

ELECTRIC COUNTERBALANCE FORKLIFT TRUCKS The smallest forklift in the Hyundai counterbalance range raises the bar in ergonomics. Discover all the features of the 10 BTR-9! Load capacity 1000 Engine ...

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LPG forklift / diesel / ride-on / industrial
LPG forklift
DX series

Carrying capacity: 1,500 kg - 3,200 kg

The Atlet Balance GL/DL provides comfortable counterbalance that is able to move loads ranging between 1.5 3.5 tons.The straightforward strengths plus the world class combustion engine uses diesel or LPG. The Atlet Balance GL/DL counterbalance ...

diesel forklift / ride-on / industrial / 4-wheel
diesel forklift
MSI 30 3B

Carrying capacity: 0 kg - 3,000 kg
Lifting height: 0 m - 3.3 m

The MSI 30 is a semi-industrial forklift truck which is unique amongst its kind in that it's particularly suited to the timber, paper and recycling industries thanks to the large number of attachments ...

combustion engine forklift / ride-on / industrial / indoor
combustion engine forklift

Carrying capacity: 8,000 kg

Capacity (kg): 8000 Weight without load (kg): 11200-11800 Fork Length (mm): 1400/1600 Load Center (mm): 700/800 Tyres: Solid SE 23×10-12 – 355×65-15 Engine: VM D754 TE3 Turbo 60 kW 2600 rpm LPG Version: GM IMPCO 4.3 l Turbo Charged Transmission: ...

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B-P Battioni e Pagani
electric forklift / AGV / industrial / transport
electric forklift

A simple, low cost solution for mid-sized applications, our JayBoT™ automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) provide automation at an affordable price. Perfect for companies looking for an entry-level solution, the JayBoT™ performs simple A-to-B ...

multi-directional forklift / electric / ride-on / outdoor
multi-directional forklift

Carrying capacity: 0 kg - 5,000 kg
Lifting height: 0 mm - 4,040 mm

The electric multi-directional forklift designed for the safe, space saving and productive handling of long and bulky loads. Suitable for Handling Guided Aisles, Long Loads, Narrow Aisles, and Palletised Goods Features Rubber ...

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diesel forklift / ride-on / for the construction industry / for the gas industry
diesel forklift
M8NX series

Carrying capacity: 2,500, 3,000, 3,500 kg
Lifting height: 3,040 mm

MOFFETT M8 NX is the specialist for high lift capacity. No matter what the conditions, the M8 NX can transfer heavy loads quickly and safely – even across challenging terrain. While the M8 NX is incredibly powerful, it is still compact ...

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electric forklift truck / walk-behind / industrial / explosion-proof
electric forklift truck
d600 Ex

Carrying capacity: 0 kg - 1,250 kg
Lifting height: 0 mm - 3,500 mm

Electric pedestrian forklift truck lift capacities of up to 1250 kg and lift heights to 3500 mm, the d600 Ex is a superb choice operation in hazardous materials stores and other ex-protected areas. Its solid structure ...

electric forklift / ride-on / industrial / handling
electric forklift
FB20, FB25

Carrying capacity: 2,500, 2,000 kg
Lifting height: 3,000 mm - 7,000 mm

Advantages: High stability and safety Cab design by SIP point , conform to EN- ISO 5353, ensures compartment with great comfort and fatigue- free operating. Multifunction LCD digital display with digital service hour metre, battery ...

electric forklift / walk-behind / industrial / transport
electric forklift
GH 1500 E