Water valves

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gate valve / shut-off / for water / rubber
gate valve

Pressure: 10 bar - 16 bar
DN: 40 mm - 300 mm

... Body: EN-JS1050 Coating: Epoxy Resilient-seated gate valves according to European standard EN 1171 with straight, smooth and non-constricted passage. Internally enamel, externally EKB. For water, air ...

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needle valve / lever / regulating / for water
needle valve

DN: 8 mm

The RPB series is manufactured by FG Inox, and is a double ring fitting valve with stainless steel regulation needle. It has a diameter of 6 to 12 mm, and length of 49.2 mm to 52.4 mm. It also has height of 11 with x-axis ...

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ball valve / lever / selector / for water
ball valve
09.0101. Series

Temperature: -20 °C - 80 °C
Pressure: 40 bar
DN: 4 mm - 23 mm

This uses a brass sand blast and nickel-plated material case with a brass polished ball and selector shaft. This uses a zinc handle and a polyamide ball with a stuffing box sealing that works to the NBR or O-ring standard. This works ...

butterfly valve / electric / for water / wafer
butterfly valve
KG 9

Temperature: -30 °C - 200 °C
DN: 50 mm - 300 mm

The water type KG 9 of GEFA Processtechnik, is a soft-seated butterfly valve that consists of a centric design for the installation among flanges. The valve meets the standards of DIN ...

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GEFA Processtechnik
diaphragm valve / hydraulically-operated / for water / aluminum
diaphragm valve

Pressure: 4.1 bar

AMOT Model 4143 valve is used for sensing loss of coolant due to hose breakage, poor water flow due to excessive cavitation or worn pump impeller blades. Upon a dangerous condition, the pressure differential ...

ball valve / manual / flow control / for water
ball valve
Omni® series

DN: 0.375 in - 2 in

The Omni plastic manual valves are economical, one-piece valves that cannot be taken apart. Omni plastic manual ball valves are molded body design quarter turn valves ...

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Asahi/America, Inc.
needle valve / manual / shut-off / for water
needle valve

Temperature: -20 °C - 400 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 210 bar
DN: 0.25 in - 3 in

CP-01 is a back seat needle valve, created to work with fluids under high pressure and temperature services. A free packing change occurs, while the valves are in service due to the back seat. This ...

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globe valve / flow control / regulating / for industrial water
globe valve
A120 Series

DN: 1.25 in - 24 in

Automatic Control Valves Rate of Flow Control Valves, 1 1/4" to 24"

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Conbraco Industries
ball valve / pneumatically-operated / shut-off / for water
ball valve
9000 series

Temperature: 0 °C - 260 °C
DN: 15 mm - 600 mm

Flanged end connection resilient seated ball valve Our top performing flanged ball valve Features Robust engineering design Self relieving seat technology Low emissions stem seal technology High quality Benefits Very ...

butterfly valve / electrically-actuated / shut-off / for water
butterfly valve

Temperature: -10 °C - 130 °C
Pressure: 16 Pa
DN: 25 mm - 200 mm

... collar design for working without loss through leakage Features Continuous control of water and low-pressure steam up to 110 °C or as a shut-off unit Butterfly valve with 3-way brass bearing bush ...

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Fr. Sauter AG
ball valve / manual / electric / pneumatic
ball valve
Industrial series

Pressure: 16 bar
DN: 16 mm - 110 mm

Cepex offers a complete range of ball valves in PVC-U and PVC-C (both manual and automatic), featuring the “Antiblock” system which prevents ball jamming. Valves are 100% hydro tested prior to leaving ...

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Cepex SER
piston valve / pneumatically-operated / for water / 2/2-way
piston valve

Temperature: -10 °C - 180 °C
DN: 15 mm - 50 mm

BENEFITS Waterhammer-free design for BPA-BPD types (flow direction 2 1)

distribution valve / gate / manual / for water
distribution valve
BETA® 200

Temperature: 50 °C
Pressure: 10, 16 bar
DN: 40 mm - 300 mm

... use. Suitable for water-treatment applications, water distribution, in dams, power plants, industry and in pressure management. Product features and benefits - Resilient seated in accordance with ...

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ball valve / manual / flow control / for hot water
ball valve

DN: 0.5 in - 3 in

... size and is ideal in hot/chilled water units such as, fan coil units, water source heat pumps, reheat coils, panel coils, small branch lines, unit heaters, unit ventilators, finned radiation, small domestic ...

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Watts Water Technologies
ball valve / lever / shut-off / for water
ball valve
UBV series

DN: 0.5 in - 2 in

... ball shutoff valve and strainer, Model UBV ball shutoff valve or Model UA accessory unions to provide system functionality and integrated ports for accessory devices such as pressure and temperature measurement ...

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Bell & Gossett Domestic Pump
ball valve / lever / purge / for water
ball valve
S-FP-600A series

Pressure: 41.4 bar
DN: 0.5 in - 1 in

... brass ball valve with solder end connections includes a drain. The valves PTFE seats and lead-free ball exhibit high corrosion resistance properties. The valve is ideal for hot/cold water ...

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ball valve / manual / for water / discharge
ball valve
Flywheel series

DN: 40 mm - 100 mm

The flywheel valves are made primarily of aluminum alloy in a heat-treated, fire engine red finish. The other major components are made of stainless steel and galvanized brass. Some of the major characteristics of these ...

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pinch valve / for water / for gas / for compressed air
pinch valve
RESK 3593.0

Temperature: -20 °C - 80 °C
Pressure: 4 bar
DN: 15 mm - 50 mm

The pinch valves from Ross has a compact and economical design that is utilized for a broad range of applications in the industrial automation industries. It is ideally used for compressed air and other media. It is a ...

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piston valve / for water / brass / backflow
piston valve
BA & CAa

Temperature: 65 °C
Pressure: 10 bar
DN: 15 mm - 250 mm

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ball valve / manual / control / for water
ball valve
1110xxx series

Pressure: 16 bar
DN: 10 mm - 100 mm

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pneumatically-operated valve / diverter / for water / multi-way
pneumatically-operated valve

Pressure: 5 bar

... Rotary Tube Selector Valve diverts pneumatically conveyed powders and granules from one line up to any of sixteen lines. Flow can also be converged from multiple lines into one line. Valve is often used ...

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GEA Colby
globe valve / manual / shut-off / for water
globe valve
HV 8014 series

Temperature: 0 °C - 400 °C
Pressure: 16 bar - 40 bar
DN: 15 mm - 200 mm

Nominal diameter DN 15 .200 Nominal pressure PN 16,25,40 Body made of sph. cast iron EN -GJS-400-18-LT, EN-GP-240-GH Bellows seal (TA-Luft') with safety stuffing box High Kvs-values (favorable Zeta-values) High seat tightness External ...

slide valve / with handwheel / pressure-reducing / for cooling water
slide valve

DN: 1 in - 10 in

... Desuperheating) are done in a single valve making it an extremely efficient, cost effective and compact solution. Features - Compact Design - High turndown (40:1) - Reduced noise level - Efficient cooling water ...

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butterfly valve / control / for seawater / double-flange
butterfly valve

Valves are designed to control and regulate liquids (such as water and oil) and gases (such as air and vapor) that travel through pipe systems. Kubota offers valves for use in a broad ...

manual valve / regulating / for water / HVAC
manual valve
NV2D15 /-V /-F

DN: 15 mm
Flow rate: 0 m³/h - 1 m³/h

The NV2 Terminal Control Valve has a 2-way glove valve construction. The pressure rating is PN 16. The medium to be used is water and the stroke is 2,5 mm. The dimensions of the valve ...