triaxial accelerometer / piezoelectric / IEPE / ultraminiature



  • Number of axes:


  • Technology:

    piezoelectric, IEPE

  • Other characteristics:


  • Acceleration range:

    24,517 m/s² (80,436 ft/s²)

  • Frequency:

    Max.: 10,000 Hz

    Min.: 0.7 Hz


Dytran model 3133A2 is an ultra miniature IEPE triaxial accelerometer designed for mounting in areas inaccessible to other accelerometers. This model includes quartz shear sensing elements with integral electronics, enclosed in a sturdy, lightweight, titanium cube. The tool is equipped with a 3-foot integral cable terminating to 4-pin 1/4-28 connector, adhesive installation capabilities. Its cable is made to pair with various types of extension cables from Dytran, which are sold separately. This model is the only one capable of operating at temperatures reaching 149°C.