oxygen analyzer / carbon dioxide / flue gas / carbon monoxide



  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, carbon dioxide, flue gas, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, process gas, stack gas, nitrogen dioxide, exhaust gas

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  • Other characteristics:

    online, continuous, for monitoring gas emissions, real-time, digital, sampling, high-performance, modular, process, NDIR, paramagnetic


This model is a long time continuous monitoring analysis system, it based on innovative NDIR technology to measure the SO2, NO, CO, CO2 and O2 (ECD or paramagnetic) five gases at the same time. The measurement result is not affected by the flow rate of flue gas, gas moisture in flue gas had no effect on the measurement results of SO2 and NO, its high measurement precision and good stability.

Range: SO2:0-2000ppm
NO: 0-2000ppm
CO: 0-5000ppm
CO2: 0-25%
O2: 0-25%
(Note: measurement range can be customized by the requirement.)
Technology: SO2/NO/CO/CO2: NDIR
Resolution: SO2/NO/CO/CO2: 1ppm
O2: 0.01%
Precision: SO2/NO/CO/CO2: ≤±2%FS
O2: ≤±3%FS
Flue gas temperature: 0-300℃
Flue dust: 0-2000mg/m³
Flue pressure: -2500 - +2500Pa

Features :
1.The system continuously monitors the gaseous pollutants by heating extraction method.
2.Sampling probe has large filtering area, the filter easy to replace.
3.Pretreatment system using imported devices which effectively waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion.
4.PLC data acquisition system is fully functional, intuitive and easy to operate.
5.A variety of data output.
6.The analyzer can be flexibly selected according to field requirements.
7.Analysis system cabinet modular design and easy to operate.
8.The analysis system has stability and high reliability, so it can reduce the daily maintenance costs.
9.This model have rich features, it can achieve automatic sampling, purging, calibration, fault diagnosis, alarm, etc.