incremental rotary encoder / absolute / Hall effect / analog



  • Type:

    incremental, absolute

  • Technology:

    Hall effect

  • Output signal:

    analog, serial

  • Construction:

    solid-shaft, single-turn, non-contact

  • Protection level:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Housing diameter:

    25 mm


ETx25 singleturn rotary encoders are ideal for applications where a high durability and an optimum adaptability of the sensors are important.

The ETx25 singleturn Hall effect encoder family is characterized by its high durability with over 100 million shaft revolutions and independent linearity up to +/- 0.3%. The rotary encoders measure angles contactless with a hardened and tempered sleeve bearing made of metal. The sensor technology offers a 10 times longer lifetime expectancy than conventional potentiometers.The sensor in the Ø25 mm housing with Ø6 mm or 6,35 mm (1/4 ") shaft diameter is fixed in the application by means of a central thread (AF14 hex nut and a tooth washer, both included in scope of delivery). A comfortable selection of electrical connection possibilities via solder, - clamp, - round, - or flat ribbon cables are available. It can be chosen between following electronics:

ETA25 Singleturn absolute encoder (ETA25X redundant version):
Provides an absolute analogue signal with 12 bit resolution. For safety and critical applications the ETA25X offers a galvanically isolated and redundant electronic.

ETI25 singleturn incremental encoder:
With up to 1024 pulses / per revolution and availability of following output signals: TTL, Push-Pull or Open Collector.

ETS25 serial singleturn angle encoder:
Serial information with 12 bit resolution with SER interface and in 14 bit resolution with SPI interface

ETP25 PWM singleturn encoder:
With PWM output