fiber laser engraving machine / CNC / compact



  • Technique:

    fiber laser

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, compact


This machine adopts integrated machine structure, equipped with imported IPG fiber laser from Germany, and has new LED machine work light with stable lighting performance and good illumination. It has bright light and long service life, which can fully meet the working needs of customers in different lighting environments. Realization of convenience, efficiency and humanity.
1. Germany imported IPG fiber laser: high conversion efficiency, good beam quality, fast marking speed, smooth, high definition, long working life;
2. LED machine work light: long service life, low energy consumption, suitable for dark working environment;
3. Adjustable work platform: Add a light and personalized work platform, which can be adjusted according to customer needs, flexible and convenient;
4. Control system: easy to operate, stable system and good performance;
5. Powerful software compatibility: Compatible with multiple types of software output files to improve work efficiency;
6. Long service life: the machine is of high quality and requires no maintenance, which can meet the needs of customers for long-term processing;
7. Low cost advantage: low energy consumption and great cost savings.
Suitable for precision machinery, electronic components, auto parts, civil hardware tools, jewelry, daily necessities, food packaging, advertising materials

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