fabric cutting table / rotary-knife / for blinds



  • Materials:

    for fabric

  • Other characteristics:

    rotary-knife, for blinds

  • Width:

    4,200 mm

  • Length:

    4,000 mm


Key features:

- The table is equipped with semi-automatic fabric feed system: the feed rollers start to rotate thus making feed or winding heavy fabric rolls. Feed rollers are controlled by foot pedals or remote controllers (two pieces in set). Rollers rotation speed can be adjusted in touch screen control panel.
- Table is equipped with manual roll centering system and clamp foot switcher on a metal cable along the table.
- Depending on the needs, removable knife heads can cut fabric by ultrasonic or mechanical round knife.
- Touch screen panel provides easy and intuitive control, supporting languages: Polish, English, French and Russian.
- Fully automatic cutting process.
- Pneumatic clamping line provides even fabric pressure from the both sides of the table.
- Knife moving length during the cutting may be limited by the width of the material, thanks to the material sensor.
- Big illumination screen (260 mm width) is situated between the cutting line and material feed device.
- Precise length and angle measuring device is designed to regulate angles and length of the required fabric piece.
- Massive and strong table construction is made of powder coated steel profiles.
- It is possible to adjust height of the table using adjustment screws in the legs of the table.
- The table consists of the two pieces: cutting module itself and the post cutting module. There is a possibility of purchasing only cutting module and using it with the own cutting table.