length measuring system / control / continuous
PA-1 v



  • Measured physical value:


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Key features:

- Designed for fast and accurate length determination of elements to be cut, such as tubes, aluminium profiles, and wood.
- Other versions of equipment available: for measurement control (without saw), different tables for saw (or any other machine) can be made on demand.
- The tabletop is covered by PE.
- The counter will calculate the cuts made by machine and will signal on end of a series of cutting.
- Easy and user-friendly touchscreen panel interface (available in Polish, English, German or Russian, other languages on demand).
- The cutting history is stored inside panel on replaceable flash-drive.
- (Optional) barcode scanner – for value input automatisation.
- (Optional) foot controller pneumatic clamps.
- Positioning accuracy to 0.3 mm/m.
- Bumper movement speed can be adjusted according to individual preferences.
- The construction is made of steel profiles.