machine foot / desk / for compressors / equipment
GAMF series



  • Applications:

    machine, equipment, for furniture, for conveyors, desk, for compressors, for racks, for round tubes, leveling for oval tubes, for square tubes

  • Material:

    nylon, steel

  • Type:

    leveling, adjustable

  • Other characteristics:

    threaded, articulated, screw-in

  • Load capacity:

    Max.: 700 kg (1,543 lb)

  • Diameter:

    30 mm

    Max.: 48 mm

    Min.: 25 mm


Our Slotted Head Articulating Feet are made using a selection of reinforced, durable materials to ensure a strong and effective product. Each of these feet come with a Polypropylene & Steel thread pairing, ensuring their ability for use with heavier applications such as machinery/conveyors. Coming with an 'articulating base' each foot allows for up to 8° of movement which can adjust for rugged or un-even flooring. As an adjustable product these feet can be quickly adjusted using a drill/screwdriver, thanks to the slotted head design.

Slotted Head Articulating Feet are stocked in a range of base diameters (25mm - 48mm) and thread sizes (M6 - M12) for all possible installations. To view all available sizing options please see the table below, where you can also look at pricing or request a free sample if required for a project.

Key Product Features:
•Produced with a reinforced Polypropylene base
•Good Weight Distribution Properties
•Slotted head for adjustment
•Articulating base up to 8°

Commonly used for:
•As levelling feet for use with rugged or uneven surfaces
•As screw in feet for use with furniture or machinery