adjustable foot / machine / for machine tools / desk
ADJ Rubber Series



  • Applications:

    machine, for machine tools, desk, for furniture

  • Material:

    rubber, steel

  • Type:

    adjustable, anti-vibration, anti-slip

  • Other characteristics:

    threaded, screw-in, fixed


Our Threaded Rubber Feet are manufactured using a high quality Commercial Rubber or Nitrile and are available in three main variants, these being Tapered, Straight and Octagonal sided bases. Fixed Adjustable Rubber Feet are a popular part for use with a range of applications, this includes as Furniture Feet where they can assist and add grip when used with hard surfaces (such as wood, tiles). These Threaded Rubber Feet are also widely used inside industrial settings where they provide an ideal level of shock absorbing and vibration dampening properties at a low cost when compared to other dampening solutions.

Adjustable Rubber Feet are available in two different thread types, these being Standard Steel & Hygienic Stainless Steel threads which ensures a perfect product for each application. For our full range of these feet, please see the product listings below. All sizes are displayed once clicking through to your preferred option.

Why choose our Rubber Adjustable Feet:
Manufactured from a premium commercial Rubber/Nitrile
Available in Tapered, Straight or Octagonal variants
Excellent vibration and shock dampening properties
Huge range of sizes and variants in stock at all times